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Posted On: February 10, 2015

As the only certified sexuality educator by AASECT and certified sexologist by ACB in Singapore, I have been a regular contributor to many local newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Martha LeeI am very grateful for these opportunities to share my craft and knowledge over the years.

The coverage I have received has allowed more people come to know of my work and services, and through these channels, it is my desire that more people will be able benefit from my to support and services.

However, particularly during my talks or workshops, it is critical that my events are safe spaces for my clients and participants to feel free to be open, to express their views and opinions, to learn.

As such, I have developed this policy when it comes to all events conducted by Eros Coaching:

  1. Media members from any publication outlet including bloggers who intend to report on an event will need to identify themselves to Eros Coaching, at least one day before the event.
  2. Media members must commit to reporting from the first-person perspective i.e. “I” statements. A pseudonym (fake) name is not acceptable.
  3. No reporting/ or interviewing of other participants allowed.
  4. No photograph or filming before, during or after the event
  5. Eros Coaching will notify all participants in attendance should there be a media member and give them the option to leave if they are not comfortable. Eros Coaching takes as a top and uncompromising priorty the well-being of our participants.

I know that this may cause some inconvenience to my friends in the media, but I trust you understand that I must put the interests of my clients and participants first. If you would like to seek any clarification on the above, please drop an email to me directly at

Yours Respectfully,

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Clinical Sexologist

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