Pre-Orgasmic Women's Group

Posted On: January 30, 2010

For women who don’t have orgasms, or have difficulty obtaining orgasms, POW is an intensive program that uses the creation of a mutual supportive system to help women increase consciousness and take gradual steps so as to become aware of and be in tune with their bodies.

What is a POW?

Most women who don’t have orgasms, or who have difficulty obtaining orgasms, are capable of having one. They just don’t know how to jump-start their orgasmic engines. The Pre-orgasmic Women’s (POW) is an intensive, low-cost, self-help program for women based on the SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring) program. The process includes creating a mutual supportive system by increasing women’s consciousness; taking gradual steps; and encouraging women to become aware of and be in tune with their bodies.

What do you do at POW?

Your process begins with an individual session with a skilled sexuality educator assessing the suitability of the POW for you. This is followed by ten group sessions (two a week) over five weeks. Each session consists of check-in, new information giving and home assignment. POW uses some sexually explicit media to facilitate the change and expand sexual attitudes and actions.

Who should attend POW?

Females who have never experienced an orgasm; have difficulties having orgasms; or have had limited sexual experiences, and would like to get in touch with her sexuality in an open and supportive space.

Dates/ Time: Mon and Thurs, 7:30 – 9:30p.m. (10 sessions)

Fee: S$450 nett includes refreshments

Size: Min 6 – Max 12

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