Your Finger was up in the Air

Posted On: April 9, 2010

You get the some of the sex negative news from middle East. A British couple is appealing a jail sentence that they received for sharing a passionate kiss in a Dubai restaurant. Another British couple was sentenced to three months in jail in 2008 for having sex on a Dubai beach.

Now an alleged obscene gesture has a British man facing a possible six months in jail in Dubai. Police arrested Simon Andrews, 56, for public indecency (allegedly sticking up his middle finger) after an Iraqi aviation student complained.

The Daily Mail
reported that Andrews was arrested for outraging public decency in August. He has been banned from leaving the country because he faces trial. Andrews denies he made any offensive gesture. The Iraqi has not appeared in court against him and there are no witnesses, the Daily News reported a court source told the British Sun newspaper. He has another court date on April 4.

Now if the lady driver who rolled down her windows, yelled at me, and gave me ‘the finger’ when I misread the traffic sign over the weekend would just do the same in Dubai, how sweet would that be? Actually it wasn’t the car honking, yelling or even the finger that shocked me, it was by how ugly she looked.

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