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Posted On: November 6, 2010


I receive your newsletter. I do not remember how I found you on FB. We are not personally acquainted. You seem interesting to me. I may have found you because I have some interest in the FB/on-line Tantric community. You seem to me to present your work in a way that is very open, direct, clear and clean.

That presentation is refreshing in an on-line community where a lot of other approaches seem to me to be attempting to compensate for feelings of shame. I really like that your presentation speaks directly in a “How do you do this?” way of addressing sexual issues that are really heart wrenching for many people who may have no informed person to whom they can turn.

My own work is about helping people to find what many of my client call their “real self”. Often that starts with accurately describing one’s self and one’s experiences. In many cases that has to do with opening to oneself as a sexual being. Experiences when accurately described have much more meaning and aliveness. It seems to me that you probably do a lot with helping people to accurately describe their experiences.

Blessings Thomas Brennan

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