E-mail interview with Yuki Chua

Posted On: October 24, 2010

I interviewed Yuki Chua for my piece ‘Dance – Your Way into Your Body’ for The Online Citizen. Below is the entire email interview.

1) Name you like to be called
Call me Yuki

2) Job title


3) Company name
Bellydance Discovery Pte Ltd

4) Website of company

5) How long have you been teaching dance?

For over 7 years and dancing for 12 years.

6) What type of dance do you teach?
Bellydance and fusion

7) How do you think dance or movement helps a woman to get in touch with her body?

Dance, especially bellydance is a movement natural to women; from ancient time s it was a dance to celebrate new lives and the movements even prepare a woman to get ready for pregancy, child delivery and post-natal recovery.

8 ) How important do you think dance or movement is to helping a woman get in touch with her body?

It’s so important, and through belly dance and movement, women accept their curves, their bodies and accept themselves. Confidence starts within and not with just how we look.

9) How do you think dance or movement helps a woman with her sexuality or sensuality?

Women will feel better when they can move better. No one feels good when one feels stiff and clumsy. When a woman can move well, she will be more ready to express the sensual side of herself.

10) What message about sexuality and sensuality would you like to communicate to women out there?
Accept who you are and
Be yourself, not others, as
Confidence ooze from within and
Darlings will come from everywhere

11) What are some changes you have witnessed in your female students before or after attending your training? Looking for success stories/ testimonials/ positive feedback here.

Many of our students are very shy when they start bellydance and later on, they have more confidence, better posture, they dance better and most importantly, they feel more self-confidence and accept their bodies. We have a couple of students who have knee and back problems, but after several months of bellydancing, their physical conditions improve and even their physios are surprised at their progress.

12) Anything else you would like to share?
You can practice bellydance anywhere, sitting in an office, photocopying documents, in the shower or even waiting for the bus/train. Be active and enjoy moving parts of your body anywhere, anytime. It’s fun and feels sexy at the same time!

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