Passionate Person – Fitness Instructor Anne Elizabeth Moss

Posted On: April 13, 2016

I interviewed Anne Elizabeth Moss who teaches yoga, bellydance and fitness!

1) What do you do?

Anne Elizabeth Moss1I am a yoga, bellydance and fitness (Bellyfit®) instructor here in Singapore.

Currently, I am the only Bellyfit®  instructor in Singapore, and have been appointed Official Singapore Correspondent + Master Trainer. Most classes I teach are for both sexes but with an emphasis on women empowerment. My classes guide the participant to become a more internally and externally body aware student. I give permission for students to feel into their body in a loving and nurturing way.

Bellyfit International is the world’s leading Holistic Fitness System for women. Dedicated to serving the needs of women in body, mind, spirit, heart and lifestyle.  Bellyfit classes offer much more than just ‘a workout’. Bellyfit is about bringing women back to their true selves, back to their power so they can step up to the challenges that lie ahead and guide our planet back to peace and balance. It all begins in the body.

A Bellyfit class uses elements from fitness (cardio) bellydance, Indian and African dance, yoga, pilates, meditation and mindful mudras.
2)Why do you do what you do?

Using the mind and body has always sparked my interest and curiosity, and now I get to use this as a tool to empower and promote happiness for the participants in my classes. Yoga, bellydance and Bellyfit have given me resources to express and embody the person and lifestyle I truly want. I have access to a healthy balance of physical, mental and spiritual health. These practices not only empower, but embraces what it is and means to be a woman in the modern world. I want to work with and teach something I believe in, and also want in my own life. I want those around me to have that experience too. It also resonates deeply within me as I have always been drawn to cultural dance and music, and now I can continue my growing experience on the journey of being a teacher.

3) How do you find time for all that?

I teach part time- I am learning and in the process of working towards a better regime and to serve and make classes accessible to my students. I use the rest of my time reading, learning, researching, practicing and connecting with like minded people.

Anne Elizabeth Moss24) What does the future hold for you?

I am positive that Bellyfit will become a well known and powerful class in Singapore. I would love to use the tool of holistic fitness to bring women together and empower our community. In time I plan to take Bellyfit to Asian fitness and yoga festivals – for example, our very own Singapore Soulscape Festival!

5) What advice would you give to entrepreneurs:

My first advice to anyone, people who work, people who don’t work, men, but especially women- are you finding time to check in with yourself and see if you are taking care of yourself? If you are not at the point you currently want to be, that’s ok if you are willing to learn and grow. I personally do not do journaling (but I do make lists) and have heard from many sources this is a very useful tool when getting clear about what you are wanting to achieve. Don’t waste time and energy doing something if you have to put on an act to do your job well like everyone else. Eventually the costume will come off. However, on that same list (journal entry), also be clear on what aspects of yourself/your job you are willing to change, compromise or just plain give up. Find out what you stand for, figure out your habits and sources of inspiration, and find what you still don’t know and want to learn/do.

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Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing the above person. I am doing so in the pure intention to educate and help more people.

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