E-mail interview with Linna Tan

Posted On: December 2, 2010

1) Name

2) Job title
Director of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore

3) Company name
Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore

4) Website

5) How long have you been teaching dance?
Almost ten years

6) What type of dance do you teach?
Salsa, Exotic Dance and Pole Dance

7) How do you think dance or movements helps a woman to get in touch with her body?
Dance and movement are forms of expression. Being able to use your body as a tool to express yourself will help a woman understand how her body moves and works, hence, getting in touch with her body.

8 ) How important do you think dance or movement is to helping a woman to get in touch with her body?
More important than you will realise if you have not been dancing or moving your body to express yourself.

9) How do you think dance or movement helps a woman with her sexuality or sensuality?
Dance and movement encourage women to be comfortable with their bodies, with the way they move, with the way they look when they are moving in a certain way. The more comfortable you are with your body, the more confident you get and the more you will use it to express yourself. Every woman is sensual; we are all born with it. When we are self-conscious, we tend to suppress our sensuality to avoid attention but with dance and movement, women can gain the confidence to express their sensuality with their bodies.

10) What message about sexuality and sensuality would you like to communicate to women out there?

Sensuality is not about how you look but how you feel about yourself. We come in all various shapes and sizes and there is no particular shape or size that is more attractive or sensual than another. When you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you. Dance is a wonderful way of getting you comfortable with your body, maybe not right away but if you keep at it, you will feel more connected with your body and as you get more confident, your sensuality will naturally shine through.

11) What are some changes you have witnessed in your female students before or after attending your training?
They start walking taller, they start wearing clothes that are more attractive, sometimes more figure-hugging, sometimes the hemlines get shorter 😉 I have had many students who come to tell me how much better they feel about themselves. The transformation can be very great. I have this girl who was very timid and obviously very self-conscious when she first came to our classes. Her dress sense was dowdy and she had a very unbecoming hairstyle. She wore unattractive glasses and if I were to do so much as raise my voice in class, she looked as if she may burst into tears. I was gentle with her, sensing that she needed encouragement and I made sure I paid attention to her but not too much because I sensed that too much attention would make her uncomfortable. She was very quiet and didn’t interact with the other students but she was a very determined soul. There was a particular move that she couldn’t master for the longest time and many of her classmates could already do it. I saw her struggling and I taught an exercise to do at home that will help her to get that move. By the next class, she was doing the move perfectly! She was very diligent, determined and hardworking and I was very impressed with her progress. As time passed, I noticed her starting to interact with the other students and as she got more and more confident, the glasses gave way to contact lenses and the hairstyle is now sexy and the clothes more stylish. She remains very hardworking and I sense a little bit of competitiveness with her classmates but I think it’s great because it keeps her going and that helped her improve by leaps and bounds. She is a totally different person from the timid, mousy girl I met long ago. She’s neither wild nor loudly confident but she is certainly more outspoken, more self-assured and definitely, sexier :-).

12) Anything else you would like to share?
As I get older with age, I realise that I am increasingly more comfortable with myself and certainly much more self-assured than I was in my twenties. However, I will never forget how dancing helped define me and made me a much more confident person and, more importantly, a much happier person. Sometimes I wonder if, I had never danced at all, would I feel the way I do now? Absolutely not, I believe.

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