Fire in the Valley – Female Genital Massage

Posted On: January 2, 2011

“With this massage, you can satisfy a woman to her core … every time!” – Annie Sprinkle Ph.D.

In this training, you will learn thirty pleasurable massage strokes and erotic communication skills that you can use on your lover and/or on yourself. Learn from three women as they receive erotic touch.

This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this video class you can learn:
• How to connect with heartful presence
• 30 strokes for the vulva, including:
• Clitoral massage
• Labia massage
• Massage inside the vagina
• G-Spot massage
• Using a vibrator
• How to listen to and communicate with your lover.

Instructors Include: Annie Sprinkle Ph.D., Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Class Format: 108 minutes of video

You can watch online from the comfort of your home.

This class is taken from the DVD “Fire in the Valley: Female Genital Massage.”

Check it out here.

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