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Posted On: July 5, 2011

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway workshop helped me to reflect and put into context some of the unknown fears I was not previously aware of. This new awareness, together with the tools shared during the workshop makes me feel like I am ready to face current and future challenges. The group sharing and reflection was extremely helpful and Martha is truly passionate about helping people through the work she does.” – H. Wang, Student, July 2011

“In the workshop, I learned how to be wisely “fearless” without escaping from fear ignorantly. It seemed to be impossible before I attend the workshop, but now, I know that I can be much more powerful than I’ve ever imagined before and I feel that I really am. Fear factors has started to shift as interesting challenges and joyful. I also learned what other attendees’s challenges were and felt that I wasn’t alone during sharing and exchanging our thoughts. Systematically learning how I can analyze the fear and getting on the actual training at Kiosk with partner were really helpful and I could feel the immediate effect on my mind set.” – Yuko T., Homemaker, July 2011

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