Brooke H.’s Virginity Story

Posted On: October 3, 2011

My first time was not magical as one might like to think it should be. I was eighteen years old. I met a guy online from Canada, and we had been talking for a few years. He was very sweet. He made me feel special in a way that no one else ever did, so of course, I fell for him.

One day, we decided it was time to meet in person, so we set it up. It was October when he hopped the bus to come to North Carolina. It was quite the trip for him. Three long days he rode, weary of whether or not I was who I said, and I felt the same. I went to the bus station to pick him up with a few of my friends just to be safe, and there he was.

He was very handsome. He had dark hair and brown eyes. His body was strong, and he was real! I couldn’t believe it. We crashed into each other like waves on sand! We all rode back to my house, Chris and I hand in hand. My friends in the back seat were relieved to see that I had not just picked up some psycho cyber rapist and took a liking to him immediately.

One by one, my friends dispersed from my house until finally we were alone. He did not hesitate. He kissed me hard as we undressed each other. We did not pay too much attention to where we were going, but we did eventually end up in my bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed and started kissing my body, and it seemed like wherever his lips were felt like heaven. Once he had kissed all the way down my neck, arms, and torso, he landed between my legs. My body was quivering hoping he was about to do what I thought. He placed his lips on my thigh, teasing me. He knew what I wanted, and he wanted to torture me for it. So he kept kissing and licking so very close, every once in a while he would blow onto my clitoris, a teasing gesture. And then, it happened, he buried his head deep between my legs and I could feel his tongue getting familiar with every inch of my vagina. He was very good.

I finally had my first orgasm, but he was nowhere near done. He pulled me up on top of him and handed me a condom. I rolled it onto his erect penis and he instructed me to “get on”. I was afraid of this. This was my first time. I had no idea what I was doing. He grabbed my hips and gently lowered me on top of him. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Perhaps all the years I played softball helped with that. I began to ride him, but I couldn’t find a rhythm. Chris put his hands on my hips again and guided me, showing me how he liked it.

Before I knew it, I was on my back again. Chris had flipped us around and was now hovering over me. I could feel the deep pleasure I didn’t know was possible. He started slowly, but neither one of us really enjoyed that. Gradually, he sped up. He was pounding away at me so deep and hard I could barely take it. I felt my body start to shake and I had a feeling like none other. It was like I was about to explode. I was practically screaming with deep pleasure, and then it happened. The first time I ever had complete relief. I felt limp and my legs were shaking. I could feel how flushed my face was so I started to giggle.

I suppose he came at the same time as me. He pulled off of me and grabbed me in his arms. We laid there for a few minutes not saying anything. It was nice, but with everything that just happened, I needed a shower. He decided he needed one as well, and that is when I had my first shower sex experience.

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