Tyler’s Virginity Story

Posted On: September 11, 2011

My name is Tyler I’m currently 20 years old. I just wanted to share this story of my first time with others. My first time was when I was almost 17. It was with my girlfriend. She was one of my first girlfriends. I met her in school so I didn’t know what would happen if all went bad, what will she think about me. All I wanted is that my first time goes perfect! I had only that in mind, so I kinda all prepared: roses, candles…

I remember that day, she came over after my whole family went out, we watched movies and we started talking about this, between, I loved her so much and so did she and I was scared “Would this harm her?”, “What will happen after?” but by the time we were talking, I was forgetting all of this. It was the most difficult question of my life, I asked her “Do you want to really do this?”, she came over and sat closer to me and we talked more, and started to kiss.

Then from kissing to cuddling we started to get rid of clothes, I was touching her and so did she…

She continued teasing me, we passed to bed and started our thing… it was quite fast.

For a first time it kinda hurts, you are inexperienced and all is new for you… but despite the ache, you will certainly enjoy what you’re doing. 

While doing this I was wondering “Does she really enjoy?”, “Am I being good in this?” but as long as she moaned I was satisfied.

Finally we finished, I went to throw the condom away and we stood in silence for a moment.

We laid on the bed after while and start cuddling.

It was getting late and she had to get going , she put on her bra, skirt and underwear while I was watching and thinking “I really did it!”. 

“I get to hug you one more time before you go, Baby.” I said, and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and tenderly kissed her.

Three months after we broke-up. To this day I don’t think I’ll ever have as good sex as I had with her, or ever love someone as much as I loved her.

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