Prakash’s Virginity Story

Posted On: October 1, 2011

Myself Prakash, I am 25 years old and lives in Shimla Hills one of the beautiful State in India. I was 16 when I completed my 10th It was after that, when my when I was introduced to sex, My friend showed me a magazine.

After that I started day dreaming about having fun with some beautiful and sexy mate. Time kept on passing and my urge for sex kept on growing. I was very shy in nature and very afraid of girls.

I completed my college like this only, and use to satisfy myself with masturbate. Once I happen to visit my maternal Uncle’s place for some function. It was in a remote village. I was given the job of arranging required stuff for the function. One even Sunita came to me. Oh I forgot to tell you about Sunita.

Sunita was a daughter of my uncle’s neighbour, She was about 20. she was very sexy her figure was 34, 28, 36. and weatish complexion.

Sunita came to me and asked me if it is possible to go to market because she need to buy some flowers for next day’s function. I told her that it will get too late because market is about 35 Km from village and it will get too dark to come back. She insisted, I asked her to take permission from her parents and get ready.

After 20 mins she came back. We were about to move now. I went to Uncle and asked if there is something to be bought from market. He said nothing. It was about 6 in the evening, and already getting dark. I took my bike asked her to sit. To my surprise she was sitting cross – legged.

The road was not very good so there was some jumps. As Sunita was sitting behind me she was holding me tightly her boobs were touching my back, this was the first time I was feeling the softness of boobs. As a result of this I was getting hard also…

On my way we started chatting, this was the first time we were talking personal. After taking about our schooling and education. She asked me if I have any girlfriend. I told No.

“Why? You are young, Smart and have a bike, how come there is no girlfriend?” she said.

This is embarrassing for me but any how. I told her that I never got a suitable girl.

“What type of girl are you looking for” she asked.

“May be like …” at this time we have reached the market. Sunita went to florist and asked him to pack flowers. After that she went to chemist shop and bought something.

It was about 8 when we got free from market. We started back, at the mean time the drizzling started. We were about half a way to our village, when the it started raining we were getting wet (outside as well as inside).

On our way back the discussion was resumed I told her that I want a girl who is sexy, bold, and easy to go with.

On our way the discussion was getting hot. She told me that she had a boyfriend who left her. All of a sudden she asked “How about me?


“Can I be your girl friend?”

I was shocked, but excited also. “Yes.”

She hugged me more tightly after hearing this and also kissed me on my neck.

On the way there was a rain shelter, she asked me that we can wait her till rain stops. I liked the idea and parked my bike. We were already wet, I took out my phone it was also dripping, I switched it off . There was a mild moon light she was standing infront of me in the rain shelter. She was looking very beautiful, her assets were half visible because she was all wet. I was staring at her now.

“What are you looking?”

“… Nothing…” I got confused.

“I know what you want.”


“You want to kiss me. No?” This was an open invitation, But I was very confused.

“No” I said…

“Don’t be shy” she said and came closer to me and hugged me. Our faces are in front of each other…..

I was very confused. I don’t know what to do now. I started sweating out of fear and excitement.

She kissed me. Now it was too much for me. I was totally out of control now. Also started kissing her now like a mad man. This was the first time I was kissing someone, that too in a moonlight.

She touched my tool and said “naughtly” and gave me a naughty smile.

I started pressing her boobs, It was soo soft. I asked her if I can kiss her boobs. With some artificial reluctance she took off her kamiz (shirt) and her boobs was popping from bra in front of me, it was soo beautiful. I started kissing her and she was rubbing my dick. I never came to know, when she unzipped me. We both were very wet now.

She asked me stop for a while and took a packet from her purse (this was condom which she bought from chemist) and asked me to put it on.

She also taught me how to put it on. I was falled the moment she was trying to put on the comdom. It was very embarrassing for me, but she told me, never mind, you will be ready again soon. We took of our clothes and now lying on the floor of rain shelter. She was all naked and lying in front of me, I was trying to kiss on all the parts of her body. She also directed me to finger.

Twice in this process she failed. And now was hard again.

Now she took my tool in her hands and asked me to insert. I was scared to do this, but she guided me how to proceed.

I was in 7th heaven when I inserted my dick in her chut for the first time. I never wanted to take it out. After few seconds she asked me to give jerks.

I stared following her instructions.

With each jerk the pleasure was increasing, after about 10 mins we both cummed. It was like my dream come true. I was very tired, and so was she. We both kissed each other. I looked at my watch it was 10 o’clock, hurriedly we put on our clothes. The rain had almost stopped.

On the way she told me that her boy friend left her because once she refused to have sex with him and today she didn’t want me to leave her. I asked her from where she learned all the tricks. She told me that she had a nice collection of x rated movies.

We started back to our village. At about quarter to 11 we reached home where everyone was waiting. My uncle was very angry I told him that we had to take shelter on the way because of heavy rain. He asked why I was not picking up the phone. I told that it was all wet so I switched it off.

Any way they were relaxed as we both reached safely.

I knew that I now I was no more a virgin…

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