Anonymous Male’s Virginity Story

Posted On: September 13, 2011

I want to say something about sex. Remember it; be ready before sex then it becomes healthy for you. When I was 16, one day I went to my girl friend’s home. When reached in her home, none was staying in her home.

Firstly she and I talked with each other about our life. After sometime we reached in a sexual discussion with each other. She loved me very much. One time I could understand what did she want to me. Then she installed coming very near of me and caught my hand hardly and then I kissed in her lip. After that she did same to me. She was same age with me. Then we went in her bedroom and lied on her bed. Then we enjoyed more kiss with each others. After sometime we open our cloths, I stared to kiss in her breast; in this time I understood she became much sexual.

After a few minutes she was starting kiss on my penis. I enjoyed it very much. My penis became bigger, but I did not notice it before that day. After then we enjoyed sex. I saw she didn’t know how to do it. I teach her cordially, because I have seen many sex videos. After a moment I saw there was much bloody, so she became fear with it, but I talked her about that. After a moment it became so easy and we felt very happy. We continued it more than one hour.

It was my first sex. I think this is same for her. We enjoyed it very happily in first time. It is unmemorable. It was very special and horrible to us. We didn’t know about the last feelings after sex. Then, we had continued sex for some months. But I have no relation with her. It was my first sex and first room date with my girl friend.

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