2nd Anonymous Lady’s Virginity Story

Posted On: September 21, 2011

It was in Singapore, in February, during our honeymoon. My husband was 28 years old and I was 26 years old. It was damn good and satisfied my curiosity. I lost my virginity to my husband.

My husband is the first man and the only man I have ever been had sex with, and I do not regret in that decision even one little bit. Some people believe that you should only have sex once you are married. I am into that category and I stick to that decision. We believe that sex is the most intimate act you can share with another person and it should not be taken lightly, and the best sex is when we have a loving, committed relationship.

We took almost three months for our true love to begin and grow. I was very nervous, but looking back now, his love and patience made it special then, and every time since. It is now eight years of long bonding and continuing. Virginity lost offers a way into life’s most intimate and significant sexual moments, always to be remembered. Of course, experiences vary.

Initially, it was mechanical and uncomfortable. We loved the fun in sex because we know how to pleasure each other. Finally that day come. We started kissing each other. He had different ideas in mind about what do with a naked woman.  He had me propped up against the wall, legs open and thighs up, and he was fingering me, with one, then two fingers and he was pressing the wrist against my vagina. Then he tried to penetrate me.

He was very heavy, he pushed, and it hurt like hell. He wanted to stop, but I told him to keep going. I remember he kept asking me and asking me was I okay with this and that it would probably hurt since I was a virgin. Surprisingly it did not hurt much. He is a very good lover. We did it with him on top of me and he said it would make it easier. Eventually he got inside me and started thrusting. He was incredibly gentle with me and it was not great enough I think. We had some big expectations.

Sex gets better with practice. Moreover, with consistent practice, we learnt to make the result FIREWORKS! I remember saying to him, “So that’s what an orgasm is supposed to feel like!”

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