Melissa’s Virginity Story

Posted On: September 23, 2011

My first time was with my boyfriend of two years. We were both 19 years old. We met in an organization in college, we were friends at first and then he asked me out. I was some what conservative and a very shy person. That is why it took us about a month into our relationship to kiss for the first time. We talked about having sex but I wasn’t ready so we decided to wait for the right time.

Fast forward, we were celebrating our second year anniversary of our relationship when we talked about sex again and I was ready this time. My boyfriend planed a very romantic dinner at his place, then after, we went his room and laid on his bed. We were just kissing at first, Then started taking off our cloths. I was very nervous and scared and felt very awkward. He entered me, and I bled a little but it didn’t exactly hurt much. There were some uncomfortable moments but it wasn’t that bad. Afterward we just coddled because we made love for the first time. I felt very relieved that it was over.

Now we are engaged and are planning to get married right after we graduate from college. I love my fiancee so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m so glad that I waited for the right guy and the right time to have sex. It has definitely made our relationship stronger and I feel more comfortable.

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