June – Who’s Your Daddy?

Posted On: February 1, 2012







Down Under – Wed 27 June (7:30 – 9:30p.m.)

Singles/ Couples. New workshop: How exactly do you perform oral sex on a woman? How can one become orally skilled? This workshop will demystify the nether region of a woman, teach you techniques that will have her moaning with pleasure. Handout provided.

You will learn:

  • Basic female anatomy (including where the G-spot is!)
  • Basics when it comes to giving oral sex
  • Exercises and techniques that will leave her wanting more
  • Safer sex practices

Conscious Connecting – Fri 1 June (7:30 – 9:30p.m.) – POSTPONED. Please email to enquire.

This clothes-on workshop explores the four different types of touch: Giving, Receiving, Absorbing, Allowing. Understanding and practising these distinctions will change the way you experience touch and shift your personal, and even professional life fundamentally. This workshop is not about sexual touch, but what your touch is saying about you. This is a fantastic workshop will reveal much about who you are as a person, what touch you prefer, as well as help you to improve your communication in and outside of the bedroom.

Fee: $75 per person; $140 per couple.

More details here

Petals Pleasure – Wed 6 June (7:30 – 9:30p.m.) – POSTPONED. Please email to enquire.

For Singles/ Couples: Techniques, physiology, toys and positions that will keep her positively delighted. Taught using online videos and sex toy. Handout provided.

You will learn:

  • Basic female anatomy (including where the G-spot is!)
  • The role and importance of breathing
  • Actual erotic massage techniques of the labia, clitoris, inside the vagina, of the G-spot etc.
  • How to bring about her extended ecstasy


  • $75 nett

Venue: Wasabi Yoga, 54c South Bridge Road Singapore 058685


MRT Station: Clarke Quay or Raffles Place
Bus Numbers: 51, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 174e, 197 (South Bridge Road – Boat Quay stop)
2, 12, 33, 51, 54, 63, 80, 124, 145, 147, 166, 197 (New Bridge Road & Eu Tong Sen Street stop)

Payment to be made before each workshop via bank transfer or paypal.

For enquiries, please email register@eroscoaching.com.


Ecstatic Breath – Wed 6 June (10:30 – 11:30a.m.); Thurs 7 June (7:30 – 8:30p.m.)

Your breath is your most intimate companion. Health, vitality, abundance, and love are within your reach! Rapid-fire multitasking and work stress can cause your breathing to become shallow, bringing less oxygen to your brain, increased blood pressure, and a hyped-up nervous system. To center yourself on the intimate moment at hand and invigorate your mind, you just need to breathe. Taking conscious breathing breaks is one of the easiest things you can do to shift your experience and make it more fulfilling. Learn how you can live in ecstatic bliss every day, feeling more positive, supported by life, and enjoying each breath you take.

Fee: $20 per person

More details here 

Tues 12 June – Movie Night: Green Porno (7:30 – 9:30p.m.)

Deep down in the ocean, strange things happen, acts of love that are unfamiliar to the human eye: Anchovies mate in large orgies; shrimp strip down to get in the mood; starfish can do it two different ways; whales fight to make love. Inspired by the wonderfully odd and humorous short films created by Isabella Rossellini and released on DVD for the first time, Green Porno offers a visually arresting and scientifically accurate look at the sex lives of marine animals and other creatures. We have ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) lead a discussion at the end of the screening.

Fee: $10 per person.

For more information, please email register@eroscoaching.com.

Pleasure Salon – Thurs 14 June (7p.m. onwards)

Pleasure Salon aims to create a sex-positive community to materialize In Singapore. We want to pave the ground for a sex-positive network and create an open exchange of ideas about sex, in a society where talking about sex is non-existent and/or taboo. We want to encourage healthy discussions surrounding sex and sexuality, in a safe space while embracing the principles of respect, tolerance, acceptance, openness, and non-judgmental support for one another. Attend, and let’s learn from one another. Free event.

More details here.

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