Testimonial – Vaginismus Client

Posted On: February 9, 2012

“Martha is someone whom you can share your darkest bedroom secrets with. She is always approachable, encouraging and positive. Martha has her own way of making any task less daunting and hence more achievable.

Taking the first step is always not easy and may be difficult for some. I was glad that I took the first step to meet and discuss with Martha my condition at a one-to-one session. Eros Coaching has helped me to overcome vaginismus – a condition that indirectly drains away my self-esteem, confidence and womanhood. I was determined to establish and find back the lost intimacy with my spouse.

Through the wide range of programs and activities offered by Eros Coaching, as well as the comprehensive discussions with Martha, I gained more confidence in overcoming the condition. I am very thankful to know Martha and will always be grateful to her. I strongly recommend Eros Coaching to anyone.” – Anonymoys Lady, February 2012

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