Testimonial – Client with Delayed Ejaculation

Posted On: May 9, 2018

“I am a guy that is facing difficulty with sexual intercourse in which I am unable ejaculate inside the vagina of my sex partner. Clinic doctors told me that it was due to my phimosis medical condition and have to go through surgery. Life become fearful and worrisome to me and I have lost hope in sex. Fortunately, my sex life was given hope when I consulted Dr Martha whom has explained to me that the problem with my sexual intercourse is actually due to delayed ejaculation and recommended me to sign up for ‘Ready Get Sex Go’ (RGSG) program.

RGSG contains an important module which teaches me genital stroke/massage techniques which needs to put in practice regularly in order to re-sensitize my penis to cure my delayed ejaculation. For man that either ejaculates too early during sex or is having difficulties ejaculating, this techniques helps to shift your ejaculation to the middle whereby you will be able to control and ejaculate at the right time. RGSG contains other valuable modules like kegels, how to control/improve your masturbation and other methods to overcome premature ejaculation. One of the modules mention about the usage of fleshlight, which will help simulate sexual intercourse when masturbating. There are also bonus materials on topics such as porn, relationship and many more which are very educational.

All videos and documents in RGSG is made easy to understand and is produced by Dr Martha herself. Sex is an important aspect of a relationship thus I strongly recommend those that are having similar problem as me not to gave up and seek consultation from Dr Martha and sign up for the bang for the buck RGSG program.” – Jeff, 29, Singaporean Chinese

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