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Posted On: August 3, 2012

Phytobiophysics is a science that follows the principles of vibrational medicine, Chinese acupuncture, the chakra system, colour and the philosophy of emotional trauma. This unique philosophy offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing. The stress of modern society such as family disunity, social breakdown and toxic overload can often contribute to ill health. A complex investigation into the heart function referred to as The Heart Lock Theory offers astonishing insight into causal factors of disease both on the physical and emotional plane.

A complementary health treatment based on 30 years of research, Phytobiophysics® uses the vibrational energy of flowers and plants to balance the body’s electrical system. This is done by releasing blocks to restore harmony in the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each flower formula has been specifically created to match the resonance of a healthy cellular system in the body. The formulas act as neurotransmitters and when ingested they instantly regulate the electro-magnetic frequency of the system being targeted. This encourages the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.

Phytobiophysics® flower formula is unique because the “living’ vibration of plants captured as a memory in water is amplified by succussion (also used in homeopathic remedies) to a specific amplification according to each level of therapeutic requirement. The essence is then used to coat sucrose pillules which are taken orally by simply dissolving it on the tongue.

Phytobiophysics® flower formula correct physical imbalances created by mental and emotional stress, environmental disturbances and pollution. Phytobiophysics® have been shown to be effective in people with fatigue, hormone imbalances, skin problems, respiratory problems. stress-related disorders, emotional trauma, conditions caused by enviromental pollution or toxins, children with learning difficulties, sensitive children (autism and Down’s syndrome) and viral infections.

These vibrational essences:

  • Stabilise emotions which enable the body to deal with related physical problems
  • Aid assimilation of nutrients
  • Antidote the vibration of toxins and poisons of modern society (amalgams in teeth, vaccines, infections, radiations, heave metal, pesticides, drugs, food additives, petro-chemical and cigarette smoke)
  • Encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very profound level.


  • Are harmless and non-addictive
  • Enhance the activity of other supplements
  • Are safe for babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and even for pets.

What happens during a consultation?

You will be tested using Electrical Muscle Testing to find out the cause of the symptoms presented based on The Heart Lock Theory. Various vibrational Phytobiphysics® test kits is used to analyse the condition, followed by recommendations of Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas to be taken daily.

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Duration : 45 – 60 minutes
Cost : S$50 (for consultation only)
Every bottle of Flower Formula cost $20 and every bottle of Tree Formula cost S$50.

About the Practitioner: Chim Li Yen
A pharmacist by profession, Li Yen believes in holistic healthcare in which every aspect of life has to be balanced so true health can be achieved. She co-founded a holistic shop, The Violet Flame in Bangsar which has been established since 2009. Besides being certified as a Phytobiophysics practitioner, Li Yen is trained in other healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Journey, energy healing and Non-Violent Communication. She is passionate in assisting others to be whole again.

Please contact Li Yen here.

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