Testimonials – Eye Gazing Party

Posted On: March 3, 2013

“The session was interesting where through eye-gazing, you get a chance not just to look into the soul of the other but also of yourself. Maintaining eye contact or looking at someone in the eye will become second nature. Through the session, I got to know more about myself through the feedback. Session was awkward in the beginning but became relaxing and therapeutic towards the end. I never knew that eye gazing can give you energy! Certainly recommend this session for all – young or old.” – Shawn Liu, Feb 2013

“Eye opening” – Anonymous, Feb 2013

“It is fun, the whole gazing thing is cool” – Anonymous, Feb 2013

“It was a very liberating experience. It taught me confidence and to come out of my comfort zone to actually look at my partner in his eyes when I talk to him. It has also helped me in better connecting with my partner.  I have actually started to make a conscious effort to look at a person’s eyes when I talk to him/her.” – Pearly Phua, April 2012

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