The Top 10 To-Dos to Keep Your Sex Life Active

Posted On: March 15, 2013

  1. 51C2wrrJc0L._SS500_Don’t allow your hormones to set the rules when it comes to your sex life.
  2. Try to discover the source of any relationship conflicts.
  3. If you can’t fix a relationship problem yourself, seek professional help.
  4. Make sex a priority.
  5. Learn how to push negative thoughts aside.
  6. Engage in sexual activity even if the urge isn’t there.
  7. Don’t let your sex life evaporate.
  8. Mainatin good communication with your partner.
  9. If you need professional help, of any sort, make the time for it.
  10. Don’t adopt an attitude that sex isn’t right for you, because sex is for everyone.

Extracted from Sexually Speaking: What Every Woman Need To Know About Sexual Health (2012) by Dr Ruth K Westheimer and Amos Grunebaum and Pierre Lehu, pp. 212.

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