Top 10 Preconception Steps

Posted On: March 5, 2013

  1. 51C2wrrJc0L._SS500_Start taking folic acid supplements and a daily multivitamin.
  2. Have a preconception doctor’s visit.
  3. Have all the necessary vaccinations.
  4. Stop drinking alcohol.
  5. Stop your tobacco intake.
  6. Limit your coffee intake.
  7. Eat healthy food.
  8. Keep away from cat litter.
  9. Begin an exercise program.
  10. Make love once a day during yoru fertile days and regularly throughout your cycle.

Extracted from Sexually Speaking: What Every Woman Need To Know About Sexual Health (2012) by Dr Ruth K Westheimer and Amos Grunebaum and Pierre Lehu, pp. 163.

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