My Essay in Book: A Walk In My Shoes

Posted On: July 21, 2013

walkinmyshoesI contributed an essay on being bullied growing up towards this book.

“A WALK IN MY SHOES” – Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

One of the biggest obstacles to people seeking treatment for mental illness is stigma. People generally fear what they do not understand, and one of the most effective ways to de-stigmatise mental illness is to tell stories of people who seek proper treatment and have a chance at life that is filled with purpose, hope, community, structure, and love. Indeed, recovering patients can contribute to society and have economic value if they are given support and understanding. By sharing the reality of lived experiences of mental illness, mindsets can be changed and people with mental illness will someday be accepted in society.

In this book, “A WALK IN MY SHOES – Discover real experiences from people with a variety of mental illnesses”, Model caregiver and Mental Health Champion Raymond Anthony Fernando who is a staunch advocate for people with mental illness presents true accounts of people who have struggled with mental illness, many of whom have contributed to society. The book cost $20.

To order, please contact Raymond at Retails at $20- postage $$2. Limited copies- only 100 left.

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