My Speech on Sex & Creativity at Creative Morning Singapore

Posted On: June 21, 2014

I spoke about Sex and Creativity at Creative Mornings Singapore at The Hub on Fri 25 April 2014.

You can access the link I mention in this presentation and download the slides here.

I received this feedback about my Creative Mornings talk and am sharing with permission:

“When I listened to you in Creative Mornings I finally understood the link between sexuality and creativity. I understood the importance of expressing and leaving my sexuality. I had heard and read many times before about it, but it was just an information in my head … When I heard your UNIQUE Martha Lee’s way of explaining it, so spontaneous, open and natural, I finally got it! 🙂

This knowledge finally sunk into my body, into my mind, into my whole being. It was also important for me listening to this information from somebody with your background where you see human beings as a whole, where you don’t divide the body and the mind. I hope I am making myself clear. I also liked the way you emphasize the key words like “energy” and “creativity” when you pronounced them and when you said that we come from sex, that made me understand that we actually are sexual beings, that is our nature. Of course I cannot deny who I am or where I came from If I see it that way! 🙂 And today when I listened to you again I understood something else! I understood my uniqueness, I am the only one in the whole time who can express herself this way. This is ME!”

– Deva Shama

These are some pictures taken.

10270241 10202239224515329 212775957 n Photos from Creative Mornings Singapore Credit Angela Ognev

10261824 10202239221315249 1758267059 n Photos from Creative Mornings SingaporeCredit Angela Ognev

IMG 9939 Photos from Creative Mornings Singapore

Credit Calvin Lim

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