My Second Piece With Elephant Journal

Posted On: November 16, 2014

My second piece with Elephant Journal has just been published.
This one is about deepening your relationship with your body.
My first one “7 Things to Bear in Mind When Communicating With Your Man” was published on 10 Nov, less than one week ago.It has already been read more than 15,000 times with over 300 shares!Click here to read what one guy said after reading that piece.You may remember that I mentioned when my first piece was published that four other were rejected, and two of them were deemed worthy of resubmission.

I resubmitted “7 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship With Your Body” after disclosing how I was the subject of bullying growing up, and it had to do with the way I looked.

I hope you will head over there and read my latest piece. Reshare it if you like it! It’s good karma!

By the way, I already have my third piece drafted, so watch this space!

Updated on 29 Dec 2014: I’ve been promoted from contributor to columnist with Elephant Journal. You can find all my articles at a quick glance here!

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