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Posted On: November 6, 2014

Best of Eros is my popular workshop where the best of my hand and blow job techniques are taught. You will have have fun learning! Release your inhibitions and ask your questions! This express, straight-to-the-point course for the busy woman who just needs to cut through the chase.

“The hand job and blowjob class was a very insightful class on what makes men tick sexually. My partner appreciated the techniques I tried on him. Ideal for anyone who wanting to make their love life more interesting.” – H., 33, 14 June 2016

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Best of Eros workshop, or how comfortable I would be practicing the tips in front of other women. From the moment I walked in the door, Dr Martha made me feel at ease. She engaged the participants in light chat before we began, helping me to feel more relaxed. I was thankful for having the space to practice so that I could get immediate feedback and answers to questions. The tips shared were very useful – creative and playful, just like sex should be. Thank you Dr Martha!” – Anonymous Lady, 13 Feb 2016

“Been subtly trying some of the creative sexy techniques you taught. Hubby didn’t ask about it but it definitely worked! I had the best sex of my life last night. Thank you!! Highly recommending this course to all my married friends!! (But secretly, of course).” – Anonymous, 21 Dec 2015

“A very enlightening session for me! Martha is very informative! I learned so many different Hand Job and Blow Job techniques from her in just 2 hours. She is also very generous and authentic with her sharings.. giving us so many extra tips! Including tips like the best lubricant to use, which specific sex toy to buy and where to get them etc.. Her explanations are so crystal clear and there is NOT a question she cannot answer professionally! After attending her workshop, I am even more confident about pleasing my next partner (I am single now) sexually and letting him please me at the same time ;)” – Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015

“A fun and relaxed class – very insightful on how to improve technique to pleasure my hubby.” – Yeow, 15 Dec 2015

“Open conversation. Feels natural to talk about sex.” – Sophie, Dec 2015

“Very informative and made the conversation easy so that all ideas were welcome.” – Chris, 10 Oct 2015

“Everything. Very visual with practical exercises. I like that Martha shared her experiences with me.” – Anonymous, Sept 2015

“Martha’s presentation is fun and very educational. The atmosphere is very relaxed and supportive.” – Jane Oldham, Sept 2015

Multi Colored Lollipop Candy --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis“Wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful evening of learning, laughing and improving our loving! You gave me more than I expected in that course Martha and the warmth, honesty and fun in the group really made it so easy to relax and take it all in. Thanks to each one of you ladies. Came home to a very curious and happy hubby and I must say, after 20 years of marriage we are enjoying sex in a way that even surpasses the “early days”! The craziest part is that I lost my notes, some lucky hotel employee may be using them as I write this! In spite of that, enough caught into my mind and imagination to bring to the bedroom and shift things up, for the enjoyment for both of us! So ENJOY the benefits of our evening together and Martha, if you can send me another set of notes thru email I would most appreciate it!” – Anonymous, 31 May 2015

“Thanks Martha for making this such a fun great course and showing us so many great techniques and for really opening up and sharing with us.” – Heidi, 28 May 2015

“The openness of the group + generousity of your sharing Martha. Because you were so transparent we could be.” – Anonymous, 28 May 2015

“Martha is humorous and open about the topic, and is more than willing to share all that she has learned. Will attend again!” – Anonymous, 5 Feb 2015

“Martha is very patient and answer our questions well. Supportive and know how to answer a question straight to the point. Punctual, professional.” – Anonymous, 6 Nov 2014

“Martha has always been a very cheerful person and her open-minded thoughts has brought a new perspective of things that can’t be learned in books or videos or google. It’s been a very enriching experience for me.” – Rachel, 6 Nov 2014

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