Testimonials: The Art of Fellatio

Posted On: March 30, 2010

Funtastic Fellatio was renamed The Art of Fellatio on Aug 2016 in keeping with the name changes of my other workshops. After 2013, I combined Funtastic Fellatio (blowjob techniques) and Sizzling Strokes (handjob techniques) into one workshop Best of Eros and separated them again in 2016.

“Fun, fun, fun! It was pure good and clean fun that I had at Martha’s Art of Fellatio workshop. We were taught first-hand by Martha on the different fellatio techniques, and she made sure that we were doing them correctly. All these were done in a safe space, in a lighthearted atmosphere punctuated by jokes and laughter. How was my real-life experience after learning? My partner was pleasantly surprised when I tried the techniques on him, as he has never experienced in such a way before. We enjoyed immensely and had so much fun!” – Shi Min, Sept 2019

“Understand it is out of scope but learning about communication was great. Love your enthusiasm, make me feel comfortable.” – Anonymous Lady, 5 Sept 2019

“Great workshop which was easy to get comfortable on such a sensitive topic.” – Bernice, 5 Sept 2019

“Martha is lively, candid, honest, FUNNY! Her demonstrations are educational and memorable.” – Anonymous Lady, 11 August 2019

“I loved her enthusiasm and ability to demonstrate so many techniques with so much ease, makes this ‘taboo’ topic so natural.” – Anonymous Lady, 11 August 2019

“The class was very informative and fun.” – Anonymous Lady, 5 July 2019

“Martha is funny yet informative. Love her!” – Malizah, 5 July 2019

“I learned so much. Better understanding of the penis.” – Anonymous Lady, 5 July 2019

“She’s super candid, makes it very easy to understand and her energy invigorated and loosened everyone up :).” – Nadia, 5 July 2019

“Loved it. So many new techniques. So much content.” – Varin, 5 July 2019

“Definitely very valuable session. This is what we should learn in school as teenagers.” – Anonymous Lady, 5 July 2019

“Martha is enthusiastic and good storyteller.” – Kim, 5 July 2019

“Thanks for the session. I’m surprised at how much more confident I feel now about BJs having had no previous intimate experience with a partner. You helped a lot.” – Anonymous Lady, 6 Sept 2018

“Interesting and useful. Will try to apply what I’ve learnt :)” – Anonymous Lady, 6 Sept 2018

“The humor and easy (light-hearted way) the way was conducted. Made an intimidating topic more approachable.” – Anonymous Lady, 6 Sept 2018

“Martha explained very clearly and offered very good tips.”- Anonymous, May 2018

“Hands on. Friendly. Small group. 🙂 “ – Anonymous, May 2018

Fun to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Good sense of humor.” – Anonymous, Sept 2017

“Interesting content, interactive sharing.” – Anonymous, Nov 2016

“The sharing session and the people who attended all share thoughts and experience.” – Anonymous, Nov 2016

“Martha is warm, open and uninhibited and she shares her knowledge freely and generously. She makes sex fun and approachable.” – Anonymous, Sept 2016

“I like that I felt so comfortable asking questions and practising.” – Anonymous, Sept 2016

“This class seems to contain all the techniques and tips you ever need to jazz up the typical blowjob. Appreciate the open conversation with Martha and the rest of the group.” – Anonymous, Aug 2016

“It is a very different educational session on sex. Feel very empowered and should celebrate the pleasure of blow job. Decision is self.” – Anonymous, Dec 2013

“In this workshop, you delivered so much more than just a lesson on ‘how to please your man’. Your great sense of humour puts participants at ease. All the tricks and flourishes were based on an empowering message of open communication, mutual respect & enjoyment in our relationships. It enables us to lead the way toward deeper connection. When I put my learning into practice, the experience was very intense and amazing for my partner as well as myself. This has definitely opened the door to further exploration and deeper levels of intimacy. I’m curious to learn more and will look out for your other workshops!” –  L, Aug 2013

“I want to thank you for giving this workshop blow his mind on 31st Aug! My Husband comment that I’m very different and said I’ve broke my own record today! He is very happy and did everything for me without having me to ask for it! I would like to attend more of your workshops again soon.” – Anonymous, Aug 2013

“No one learns these pleasuring techniques from a professional as we become sexually active. We end up experimenting (mostly incorrectly) and sabotaging our intimate experience. It is great to learn all these techniques. Now time to experiment.”Anonymous, Aug 2013

“Very enlightening. Participants are open to sharing. Many tips. Helps me clear some of my doubts.” – Anonymous, Aug 2013

“The techniques and scientific part where there’s a rationale backed technique.” – Anonymous, Aug 2013

“Interesting to watch videos re sex that are not typical porn.” – Anonymous, May 2013

“Even (though) I’m very open minded, I was a bit scared before this workshop: “How can I learn techniques on a carrot in front of others?!” But Martha was very confident and funny, so it makes me feel very comfortable about the situation. I really recommend it (to) every lady!” – Michelle Wild, Jan 2013

“Sharing of experience by Martha.”Anonymous, Jan 2013

“Trainer comfortable to interact with.” – Anonymous, Jan 2013

“Different techniques shown.” – Anonymous, Jan 2013

“The nice interaction” – Anonymous, Jan 2013

“I was sceptical coming in because I attended another sex related workshop elsewhere and didn’t learn anything. But it was great. I’m glad I learnt new things I can apply towards my goal of being great at Bjs.” – Jacinta, Nov 2012

“There are tips on how to boost a man’s ego in addition to the technical aspects.” – Anonymous, Nov 2012

“Sharing of stories, use of videos to bring across ideas/ concepts.” – Anonymous, Nov 2012

“Was unexpectedly not awkward and sleazy at all! Very educational and tastefully conducted.” Anonymous, Oct 2012

“Demonstrations of different techniques + practice.” Anonymous, Oct 2012

“Open sharing & discussions. Friendly & relaxed.” Anonymous, Oct 2012

“Very candid and entertaining” – Anonymous, Oct 2012

“Different techniques & that one needs to have the right enthusiasm and attitude.” – Anonymous, Aug 2012

“No inhibitions, pushed to try, stepping out of comfort zone.” – Anonymous, May 2012

“”Sharing of knowledge/ experiences. Video demonstration.” – Anonymous, May, 2012

“Techniques that were well explained and Martha was a great teacher, very comfortable.” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“Most of the techniques can be applied almost immediately.” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“Friendly enviroment even though I was very self conscious being an Asian girl, but by the end of the session, I was pretty relaxed.” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“I know there are many BJ techniques, but it was really eye opening to watch and learn from the videos. Martha was very sincere in sharing what she knows and encouraging us to practice! I am a shy person, and practicing in a group was sort of intimidating. But Martha made it very easy for me to loosen up and gave plenty of guidance along the way. It was a very good workshop, and very suitable for those with no/ less experience. I would strongly recommend it!” – Anonymous, Sept 2011

“Martha has the perfect balance of knowledge, facilitation skills and compassion and is able to pitch the content to participants’ levels of proficiency and confidence. Well done.” – Anonymous, Sept 2011

“Very clear and varied. Martha was lovely. I learnt a lot!” – Anonymous, June 2011

“The BJ workshop was fun, practical and useful! I thought it will be all theory, but you actually get to see it “live” via videos and practice with a carrot! Talk about the ultimate sex education 🙂 There were so many new techniques that I learnt – Dr Martha Lee was totally unselfish in her sharing and is totally open about her own experiences. Let’s face it, sex may not the most essential ingredient for a good marriage – but its damn important! My hubby laughed when I told him that I was going to a BJ workshop but I am sure he is very glad that I did 🙂 Husbands should pay for their wives to go to this workshop! I totally recommend it.” – Anonymous, 2010

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