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Posted On: May 29, 2010

My popular Sizzling Strokes workshop was renamed The Art of Penis Pleasuring in 2017.

“Martha’s workshop is informative, enlightening and most importantly, fun! We had the chance to learn different skills to please our loved ones, to improve our intimate relationship. After the workshop, you may know the male body and its pleasuring system better than your partner! Useful, practical and eye-opening! – Echo He, 20 Aug 2019

“Martha has conducted the workshop with high professionalism and positive learning atmosphere. Not once I felt shy or awkward to ask any questions. The techniques and insights, along with her experiences made the entire workshop engaging and relaxed. What I enjoy about the workshop are the tangible takeaways, learning the different techniques and method to pleasure the penis. This workshop is truly an art of its own. Thanks Martha!” – Bryan, 27 Feb 2019

“The course met its objective and I finally know the various ways of pleasuring my penis. Dr Martha is brilliant and amazing with good knowledge.” – Anoymous Male, 18 Oct 2018

“Martha ran an excellent session, informative, open and relaxed. Would definitely recommend.” – Martin, 13 May 2018

“Explanations are easy to understand and the trainer is very friendly and professional.” – James, 13 May 2018

“Hi Martha, thanks for the wonderful workshop. I really like the way you talk about sex and the anatomy of penis. You make the whole workshop so comfortable. Never thought of this at all. I came from a very traditional typical Chinese family background. I went to all girls school for both primary n secondary school. I am a piano teacher, so I spend most of my time with children. So I don’t really know how to mix with male friends. Actually I don’t have any male friend except my husband. My husband strong Buddhist follower. So we don’t talk about sex. Your workshop is really good for me to understand the opposite sex better. Thank you once again for the lovely fruits n foods n gifts. Looking forward for your workshops.” – Anonymous Lady, 13 May 2018

“This is a good workshop to learn different and creative techniques because it is very hard to find sexual education in Asia and Singapore. Most of the time we just know pieces of information and guess by ourselves.” – Frederick, Aug 2017

“11 pages of techniques on the penis. So Many things to try with my girl!” – Alwin, Aug 2017

“Liked the demonstration and giving examples, so that we can understand better.” – Anonymous Lady, Aug 2017

“Easy and well organised content.” – Anonymous Male, Aug 2017

“Martha is one of the world’s renowned sexologist with a practical approach to the actual techniques. She is adept in bringing these techniques in a way that is reachable to the audience. Great learning experience from the industry’s leading sexologist and sex techniques scholar.” – Shiva, March 2017

“Martha is very good at guiding us and providing helpful feedback. Very knowledgeable and helpful to share.” – Anonymous, Sept 2016

“Lots of information that is not found easily in public. Martha is knowledge and ready to share, and generous to share. Good use of videos.” – Anonymous, Dec 2013

“Very open; enlightening. Video & hands-on practice is very good. Gives me a better idea.” – Anonymous, Aug 2013

“Martha Tara Lee is absolutely engaging and fun to learn from.” – Anonymous, May 2013

“Instructor was candid and open discussions were held under casual & comfortable environment.” – Anonymous, May 2013

“Great to have some new ideas to play with both physical and emotional.” – Anonymous, May 2013

“Increase our knowledge about all the different strokes.” – Anonymous, May 2013

“Information on techniques was useful. Videos helped a lot as it made it easier to visualise the instructions.” – Anonymous, Nov 2012

“Understand the body function and healthy relationship for a couple. Good therapeutic massage strokes.” – Anonymous, Aug 2012

“I like the step by step explanation. Is very easy to follow.” – Anonymous, Aug 2012

“Knowing that there are a lot of techniques and it has broaden my knowledge.” – Anonymous, June 2012

“The friendly interaction between instructor and students. Able to practice after each segment of the video.” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“The explanations and demonstrations were very clear 🙂 A good “variety” of various strokes were presented as well. It seems fun to try, so I’ll be applying it definitely (and experimenting to see what works!).” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“Informative, like attending a BioScience + yoga massage clas. Fun, interesting. Something teachers don’t teach in school. :)” – Anonymous, Feb 2012

“Searching the net, magazines constantly for creative ways to please your guy? Look no further! Martha will overwhelm you with strokes you’ve never thought possible or ever thought your partner will like! Martha understands fully what the participants are trying to achieve from the workshops and is ever so patient with each and everyone’s concern. Very beneficial workshop to surprise him! – Anonymous, Nov 2011

“Very interesting topic. Dr Lee explained very clearly and made the course very interesting. Very informative in helping me learn what I can do to make sex more pleasurable.” – Anonymous, Nov 2011

“I don’t feel uncomfortable in the environment because Martha is able to make it feel like a normal girl talk.” – Anonymous, July 2011

“Martha’s friendly and sincere manner of teaching puts us at ease immediately. Thanks for the advice and personal tips! Highly recommended!” – Anonymous, June 2011

“Attending Martha’s penile massage workshop taught me a number of new techniques to use to build intimacy with my husband but it also led to an unintended consequence that was beyond valuable: it opened up the door to some very important discussions about what we both enjoy and want to try in the future.  In short, it broke us out of the rut that long-term relationships are prone to and led us to explore new things together.” Anonymous, Jan 2011

“The course was useful. It was paced well and it’s definitely an asset to know how to give an erotic penile massage. Martha was a good teacher. She made everyone feel comfortable and the programme was enjoyable. :)” – Anonymous

“Improving the sex skills and techniques adds pleasure experience to the routine sex life. When things are well between two people, their ‘account’ grows with regular love ‘deposits’.” – Anonymous

“Suck up the embarrassment. This will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Dump the personal trainer – and take on Martha instead.” – Anonymous

“After attending Martha’s workshop I got more confidence on myself. It’s a nice environment, with few participants and easy to open up and ask questions. Even though my boyfriend said: “You don’t need it”. I think we both noticed that you can always learn new things and get better at what you do ;-)” – Anonymous

“Just wanted to give you an update my ‘progress’. My boyfriend thinks i’m amazing in bed, hahaha. He really loves my blowjobs, and i’ve incorporate parts of the massage video into a handjob. Let’s just say he’s very satisfied 🙂 Thanks for the skills! It really helped in my confidence ‘cos i was quite green at the whole thing. If you have other interesting courses, do keep me in the loop. Wanna make sure he continues to be surprised and a happy man.” – Anonymous, May 2010

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