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Posted On: May 16, 2015

“Conscious Vagina” was re-named “The Art of Yoni Massage” in June 2016, and to “The Art of Vulva Pleasuring” in Nov 2016 to be better aligned to the names of my other workshops.

“The workshop was fantastic !, Dr Martha’s presentation style was relaxed and fun putting everyone at ease …. The day was so much fun and I certainly learnt a lot in the process , a thoroughly enjoyable experience!” –
Anonymous, March 2023“In Martha’s workshop, it’s relaxing, welcoming and non-judgemental. I felt comfortable to share my own sex experience and happy to have all my questions answered!  The content is very well organized, and the knowledge is so important and relevant to everyone’s life that we should all study hard. I will definitely recommend the workshops to all my friends. Learn from Martha sooner, and you will enjoy a beautiful (sex) life earlier!” – Echo He, 20 Aug 2019
“Extremely informative and helpful. Dr. Martha is very knowledge and patient. Her explanations were clear and easy to understand. Fun, humorous and interesting. Eye-opener.” – Anonymous, Feb 2019
“The lesson is great and very good for those who are very new in sex.” – Anonymous, August 2018
“Dr Martha gave many tips that were very easy to understand. She also answered the queries patiently.” – Anonymous, March 2018
“This is a good workshop which let me know learn about women genital organ and what can give her pleasure about sex and what we should take care of when we have the first sex so that she has a good sex experience.” – Frederick, Aug 2017
“I like the open and honest discussion and the stories and experience being shared.” – Jonathan, Aug 2017
“Informative and eye opening” – Josephine, Aug 2017

“Very empowering session. I love it!” – Anonymous Lady, Aug 2017

“Dr Martha is the live sexopedia who has tons of knowledge about the female anatomy, yoni massage techniques, and she was so passionate that she covered more advanced techniques not listed in the syllabus too. I would recommend anybody to attend this to have transformation live.” – Anonymous Male, May 2017
“I enjoyed Martha’s vulva massage class. In this course, I learned an easy and a structured way to massage with confidence. We had adequate practice because we got to practice with realistic toys. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn vulva massage.” – Anonymous, Feb 2017
“Great event, learned many new things and I would recommend it to beginners and experienced.” – Darrell Adams. 17 Nov 2016
“I learned a lot from Martha about how to have sex with my wife in ways that give her more pleasure. Wish I knew this earlier. Must attend if want to enjoy better sex life.” – Loy, 17 Nov 2016
“Liked the positive presentation and is easily understood.” – Stewart, 17 Nov 2016
“Relaxed, informal and informative.” – Anonymous Male, 25 Aug 2016
“An interesting session that covers taboo topics very well.” – Anonymous Male, 25 Aug 2016
“Martha gives a very comprehensive overview of how to prepare a woman for sexual pleasure. She explains the theory bit and allows participants ample time to practice (on sex toys).” – Anonymous Male, 14 July 2016
“It was very open and frank. Presentation was very clear using illustrative notes, toys, books and hand and body demonstration. It keeps me attentive and interested during the whole workshop.” – Anonymous Male, June 2016
gerald“Being brought up by conservative parents, when I first saw Dr Martha’s coaching I was a little pessimistic about how much content there is. However I decided to gave it a shot and surprisingly, the lesson really opened me up to a whole new world of inter-connectedness emotionally, spiritually and physically through sex. What made it even more unique is Dr Martha’s level of openness, sharing of personal experiences and her depth of knowledge in this field.
If you are conservatively brought up but would love to better understand & harness the power of your own sexuality in a safe and fun environment, I strongly urge you to try out Dr Martha’s coaching, it’s the best sex education I’ve ever gotten.– Gerald Ong, 11 Feb 2016
“Excellent suggestions and advice for being able to pleasure a woman better and for longer –> Thank you!”
– Anonymous Male, 11 Feb 2016
“Better understanding of the female body + emotions.”
– Anonymous Male, 26 December 2015
“Good explanations, discussion amongst the participants.”
– Anonymous Male, 26 December 2015
“This short course allows me to better understand a woman’s body and also help my partner to explore and be in touch with her body.”
– Adrian, 26 November 2015
“I have attended a workshop that was held in a group of 8 men to understand female orgasms better. Being in Martha’s office, there were just 8 of us and Martha. She conducted the workshop in a very educative manner. Her professionalism in relaying the knowledge with biological diagrams and descriptions truly aid in our understanding. With demonstrations on sex toys, we had a crisp idea of what she was referring to instantly. Furthermore, we could raise our doubts immediately and get our concerns addressed.”
– Anonymous Male, received 15 May 2015

“Very knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology, and sexology. Introduced new ways of understanding female sexuality and pleasure.”

– Anonymous Male, 14 Nov 2014


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