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Posted On: July 12, 2016

Originally titled “My First Love”, this workshops name was changed to “How to Get Clear About Relationship Patterns and Attract Your Ideal Partner” to “Love Actually” in Feb 2017.
“Martha’s strength, confidence + authenticity. She really held the space so well for me.” – Anonymous Lady, Penang, 18 March 2017
“The ‘How to Get Clear About Your Relationship Patterns and Attract Your Ideal Partner’ is a profound workshop that will help you overcome relationship mistakes by looking at the patterns from your past. Martha is an empathic and focussed group facilitator who will journey with you through simple exercises that will unlock your conditioning and help you move forward into love. This five-hour workshop was beautifully paced and the time just flew by. Change does not need to take long and it need not be painful. Sharing experiences in a safe and confidential environment, under Martha’s guidance, will bring about great insights and maybe even a few laughs. Do not hesitate. Do this workshop and watch yourself and your love life blossom. Thank you to Martha and the other participants for their kindness and compassion. You do not have to do this alone. We are all in this together.” – Gisele Dussault, Sydney Australia, 25 Sept 2016
“I really recommend this course if you want to manifest the soulmate that you desire.  In this course, I realised stumbling blocks that have been rooted deep in my subconsciousness. Martha taught us a few ways to clear  obstacles from our subconscious. Its only now that I am in a better position to receive my dream partner.” – Anoymous Male, 25 Sept 2016
“The workshop yesterday was so amazing really was light more and deep hope for me and help me to connect with my self more, I like all parts especially when we share with other and the time line of our relationship life. Let me learn more about myself.” – Anonymous Female, 18 Sept 2016

“Very productive session that focuses on the right questions without going around in circles. I liked the structure of the program – Past, Present, Future – where we are able to face our issues one by one. It’s progressive.” – Anonymous Female, 20s, 6 July 2016

“Simple exercises well-explained by Martha which brings you back to yourself and you realise how beautiful you are, how emotional you are, and you fall in love with yourself again.” – Anonymous Male, 30s, 6 July 2016


“The exercise done to release the past was effective for me. There was an immediate sense of lightness and relief for me after the exercise. Martha shared much of her personal experiences and practices that worked for her which I felt was beneficial for me as well.” – Tan Jiatong, 6 July 2016


“When we speak of our first loves, one typically thinks of our first crush or lover, when in truth, it should be ourselves (or maybe even our parents, especially mom). My First Love workshop drove home that point, and highlighted the importance of loving myself first and foremost, being complete and whole before we could speak of loving another. I also had great fun visualizing and imagining my ideal partner. “ – Ling Ling, 36, 6 July 2016

“My First Love was a course I was very excited to sign up for because of the strong underlying message of Self-Love that it stood for. Held at the Private Residence, it lived up to my expectations and more as Martha prepared the space for the small group where she facilitated as we work on our issues privately and on our own. What I liked about it was that there was ample time and space for us to reflect on the various aspects of our lives and there was no one to probe us or question what was private and intimate but we were also welcome to share if we would like to.

A course that is worth going for if you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly reflect the issues of your past. It felt great to walk out the door and feel so much lighter than I did before. Amazing what a change of perspective can do for you and for that, I thank Martha for being the professional that she is especially when it came to something so personal.” – Mel, 6 July 2016

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