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Posted On: February 13, 2016

224142_306550946116359_1807138135_nAwakening to Tantra are my ongoing workshop series where I introduce participants to the principles of tantra in a safe space. One does not need a partner to learn tantra.

“The course is invaluable and extremely good value for money for anyone interested in learning more about tantra.  Martha is extremely knowledgeable and able to pack an incredible amount to insights into every session. Each session is well structured and thoughtfully put together and I always left with new ideas to try at home and at work. I particularly enjoyed the energy flow work and now have a better understanding of the power of using clearing and intention in the correct way. I have noticed immediate benefits in my life from the learnings gained from the workshop e.g. better energy, focus and connection.” – A Happy Awakening to Tantra Student, 14 Aug 2016

“A very enlightening & educational session. At the end of the session, you feel more energetic, relaxed & feel good!” – Collin, 17 Feb 2016

“Dr Martha’s ongoing tantra workshops are a perfect introduction to the practice. She gives useful exercises that can be done at home, alone or with a partner, and explains the benefits of each activity. I have been interested in tantra for several years and am very happy to have found a coach and fellow practitioner in Singapore. I love that Dr Martha dispels common misconceptions about tantra. Namely, that you must have a partner and that the practice is only about sex. The best part about Dr Martha’s workshops is the safe and freeing environment she creates for participants.” – Anonymous Lady, 13 Feb 2016

“Tantra is liberation, from my beliefs and built-up inhibitions. I haven’t danced to disco since I was a teenager, but here I am doing it. It is expressing myself and what I want which cannot be verbalised in social circles. Need to see how far I can go in this activity. ” – Martin, 10 Feb 2016

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