Testimonials: Clean and Clear

Posted On: July 7, 2016

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“Clean and Clear is a powerful session.  It showed me how I can release negative thoughts centering around my life and move forward.  Martha is a great facilitator and her passion for her work really shines through.” – Anonymous Lady, 40s


“In this workshop, I am letting it go without worrying about people judging. I scream, I bang pillow, I act like throw tantrum, I chest tapping, etc. I did not understand how it works but very refreshing after the sessions. Kind of emotion during the sessions, there are things sometimes we are not sure how to communicate it or speak it out or no one to talk too, this is one best way to let it go. Apart from my throat is getting dry and physical pain. Emotionally I was relief and I feel much much lighter after. Thank you Martha!” – Anonymous, 9 Jan 2019

“I attended Martha’s Lindwall Releasing not expecting much out of it but it helped me tremendously in that single session to just discharge of negative thoughts and feelings of not being good enough, the stress as a single mum and not being able to meet the expectations of people around me. It made me feel free and not trapped with life’s obligations. Also I feel a deep sense of peace thereafter. This is a great workshop for any individual who are facing stress and or disharmony in relationships.” – Anonymous Lady, 15 July 2019

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