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Posted On: June 12, 2010

“I went to the workshop with no expectations and came out feeling my amazing experience and new-found love of my vulva would not have been the same. The interactive and supportive environment of the workshop ensured everyone benefited. I urge hesitant would-be participants to go for this workshop!” – Annoymous lady

“When I first decided to attend Vulva Drawing class, I was still a little sceptical. I mean who in their right mind would actually look at ourselves down there. My mindset was more like attending a biology class, learning more about my parts and its functionality. The strange thing was that as I started drawing my vulva, it dawn on me that my vulva is a symbol of my womanhood and its actually a precious part of me. Not just a dirty or taboo area as most people would think of it. And finally the act of drawing it out makes me realised that every part of me is precious and I am precious. Strange but the act of drawing out my vulva makes me love myself more. And I actually stuck my picture in front of my computer in my office. The abstract one of course or my colleagues might faint. But looking at it makes me smile and it reminded me that I am precious.” – Anonymous Lady

“The workshop was very inspiring to me. It makes me feels that I have neglected my precious vulva for too long… Martha is a great coach with great expertise in this field.. the sharing session was good and the drawing of my own vulva allow me to feel reconnect to my body again. txs a lot ! Oh ya! Not forgetting the vulva heart exercise too! Thanks again for the wonderful experience and learning!” – Anonymous Lady

“Let us feel open to a sensitive topic without feeling too shy.” – Anonymous Lady

“(She) really made you think deep and explore yourself. It is therapeutic and love yourself more at the end of the program.” – Anonymous Lady

“It was empowering. At the same time, it was done in a supportive environment.” – Anonymous Lady

“I like the ambience of the workshop. It is very relaxing. Martha is very willing and open to sharing during the session.”– Anonymous Lady


“Feel comfortable to share my deepest secret with the group.” – Anonymous Lady

“The comfort level – all women, everyone open.” – Anonymous Lady

“The sharing, spontaneity of participants.” – Anonymous Lady

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