Testimonial – Raving Fan

Posted On: February 11, 2015

“The very first workshop that I attended was “Conscious Vagina“. Being a matured woman who is confident of my own body, I was surprised to find out how much I didn’t know about my own vulva. I learned to recognise how my vulva was not just another body part, but an important part of your sexuality. Dr Martha’s sharing was enlightening and insightful. Her use of props and interactive exercises kept me engaged throughout her session.

Flowering MeadowThere was no stopping after that. I attended her “Best of Eros – Handjob and Blowjob Techniques” and once again, I was blown away, literally. I have learnt so many more techniques which I never knew before. The use of interesting props like carrots was a real eye-opener. More than that, I realised that it was not really techniques but the expression of love through these techniques that was important.

Her “Powerful and Radiantly Feminine” and “Released” workshops are liberating. I have learnt more about myself of how I can better channel my energy to achieve a more powerful presence. Releasing is a simple yet effective technique to help us let go of negativity inside us. A must-attend workshop for anyone in today’s stressful world. Thumbs up to Dr Martha’s workshops.” – Anonymous, 11 Feb 2015

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