Testimonial – Celebrating Pleasure

Posted On: April 26, 2017

Celebrating Pleasure was my 6-week series covering tantric practices for women who desire to be more orgasmic in their lives. It has been renamed Eros Embodied and open to all genders.

“Early in 2016, I attended “Celebrating Pleasure”, a 6-week course Martha runs for women about connecting with our sexuality.  The course covered a range of topics including the use of breath, sound, movement, pelvic floor squeezes and intention to move sensation and pleasure through our bodies.  Martha prepared the sessions with care, giving us interesting and varied exercises.  We were encouraged in our weekly homework to take time to get comfortable with and enjoy our bodies.  This was initially very challenging for me.  The sharing in our group was deeply honest, open and authentic – I felt completely supported by the group on this journey of self-discovery.  Being in my fifties, this initiation to a more comfortable place with sexuality has begun rather late in life – but it’s better late than never! Getting comfortable with my sexuality has also brought me more confidence and comfort in all of my relationships, with both men and women. I would strongly recommend all women to get comfortable with their bodies and sexuality – Martha’s course was a good way to start the journey for me.”  – Anonymous Lady in her 50s, April 2017

“I signed up for Martha’s class on Celebrating Pleasure as I had, early that year, experienced a really valuable Art of Feminine Presence workshop. I already saw her as an honest, trustworthy and valuable teacher and this new class only added to my respect for her and her work. I don’t believe changes happen over night and, simply by signing up for these courses, meant I was acknowledging parts of myself and my history that were long over-due for attending to. What these classes did for me was to set aside that time, and engage with my vulnerabilities. I felt, and continue to feel stronger, more feminine and more sexually competent than I have before. I understand what I like and feel empowered to decide for myself, when where and how I will enjoy pleasure. I would say personally to anyone considering this class, take the step and see for yourself. They say knowledge is power, and knowledge of the self is a truly powerful thing. Martha can guide you to that point. Trust her, yourself and the process.” – Anoymous Lady, May 2017

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