Poem: Trees by Emmelin Leclerc

Posted On: March 27, 2015

Trees are energy.

They give us gas to keep going when life gets hard.

They take away all our pain and sorrow.

Trees are fire.

They keep us warm if ever we are cold.

They give us shelter if there is rain.

Trees are breath.

We receive the oxygen they give us and we give them carbon

dioxide which they take wholeheartedly.

Trees are parents.

They can teach you how to heal and they help you whenever

in need.

Trees are possibilities.

If need be you can go under them for shelter or protection.

You can always clumb them just for fun.

Trees are man’s best friend.

They give us wood, oxygen, shade and fruit.

They give us their all.

– Emmelin Leclerc


Emmelin Leclerc, 11 years old, practices Bodhi Meditation and lives with her parents in Prince George, B.C. She loves meditation because it is something she can start and doesn’t have to finish

Source: Meditation & Health magazine, Issue 11, Vol.4, No. 4, pp.31

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