Are You Sexually Satisfied?

Posted On: April 13, 2015

3 in 10 Singaporean women satisfied with sex lives

Did you read in the news that of 800 women in Singapore aged 18 to 50 polled, three in 10 women are satisfied with their sex lives?

  • 67 percent masturbate as it makes them feel happy and good about themselves.
  • They masturbate thrice a month on average.
  • 50 percent think the ideal frequency should be at least once a week.
  • The same number surveyed still believe talking about it is taboo.
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You may also find this article explaining the difference between “spontaneous desire” and “responsive desire” useful. Read more here.

 If you are a woman, what are the odds that you are one of seven women dissatisfied with their sex life?

If you are a man, are you in relationship with a dissatisfied partner, or you yourself have been sexually unhappy for a long time?

If I could get a dollar from each person who laments about how
the lack of meaningful conversations around sexuality…
the lack of role models about positive sexuality…
the lack of sexuality education growing up…
I would be able to solve world hunger!

As a sexologist, it saddens me that

  •  Women are unable to have sex because of a sexual phobia like Vaginismus, and I’ve had an online program specifically to address this for more than a year.
  • Men take medication which often does not work for early ejaculation when there are simple techniques to overcome it.
  • Couples report sexual frustration, disappointments and misery when there are many ways they can connect consciously.
  • They often seek me out only when their marriage is on the verge of divorce.

Sex is often not just about sex.

It is about connection, intimacy, pleasure, joy, meaning, and above all else, love.

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