My Top 10 Recommended Books From 2014

Posted On: April 7, 2015

In 2014, I planned to read at least 200 books and achieved it! These are my top ten books that I’m recommending to you from my 2014.



10) Ex Gay No Way  

In his book, Jallen Rix talks about his journey of going through conversion therapy believing that being gay is really a bad thing. It talks about a lot of his own research, his study, and also his personal journey. In his book, he also interviews and talks about some of his friends who are also gay like himself.

This book is really enlightening for me because it’s written not from just an academic or theoretical basis, it is also from a personal perspective. It might help readers to have a lot more empathy and understanding of what it means to be gay or questioning.

wild feminine


9) Wild Feminine

This book was published in 2011 and it has a lot of exercises with regards to the womb. The exercises within help a woman connect or reconnect or embrace their sexuality completely and fully.

Our womb is a big part of our fertility, of our femininity, and of our power as women. And to the men who love them, you can actually support your partner by doing the exercises with her.


8) Women Who Run With Wolves  

Published in 1996, this book had been recommended to me many time by several people and I couldn’t find it in a local library. Finally, I decided to order it on Amazon and when I started reading it, I could not stop crying at every chapter.

Every single page really struck a chord in me. There was a lot of healing and shifts that have been within myself with regards to my relationship with being a woman. It is a must-read for every woman and for the men who loves them. This is a very spiritual and profound book.


7) WomanCodePaperback

Published in 2013, this book is full of information that I didn’t know before about what actually is happening inside our bodies. It is very much linked to our diet and this book talks about how it affects our fertility, our hormones, and how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

Anybody who’s interested in their sexual health or general wellness really needs to be reading this book and it’s related to more women’s health. All women should read it and the men who love them could really to help support them better.



6) Money Magic

This book was published in 2003 and I like this book because it clarifies the misconceptions that we have with money and therefore affecting our ability to have money in our lives. It also has different exercises that will help you to really dwell deeper into your relationship with money.

It is important that we have healthy relationships with money so that we can be healthy and lead big and full lives and have lots of joy. It is important to have money in our lives because when you have money, then you can use that to take care of the people around you, support yourself, and also be able to contribute and help more people who actually need your help.

the desire map


5) The Desire Map

Published in 2013, this book is a workbook where you go through the exercises to find out actually what fits your inner joy and our desires, I’ve learned recently, is a big part of what fuse everything that we do.

If we don’t feel like doing something, then really, if we would just do something for the sake of doing or do from a place of should, we’re not going to get the magnetic results that we want. Go on this journey to find out what your deepest desires are.


4) The Artist’s Way 

Published in 2002, it is alsoa workbook where you go through the different exercises over a period of 12 weeks or three months. I did all the exercises, including the morning pages. It shifted me as a person as well as helped me acknowledge the creative side of who I am. It’s really freed out some of my inner wounds and also helped me to feel much more liberated and be more creative in my personal and professional life.

I recommend this book to all people, even those who don’t think that they’re creative because really, when we allow our inner child to come out and play, we have much more joy in our lives and this will allow us to be creative in other areas in our personal and professional life.

Whatever job that you are in, you may think it does not involve creativity. You’ll be wrong. There are elements of creativity in everything that we do. Be a fuller person so that you are just much more integrated with all that you are so that you reach your fullest potential.

conscious dating


3) Conscious Dating

Published in 2006, I read this book because David Steele is actually one of my teachers at Relationship Coach Institute. Now  I’ve read many dating books and this book impressed me.

This one is probably one of the most comprehensive relationship dating books that I have ever read in my life. It has exercises and guides you through – crystallizing in your head, within yourself – what qualitie you’re looking for in your ideal partner.


the magic

2) The Magic

Published in 2012, this is really not new to us because it’s really based on the movie and the book, The Secret – how do you attract more of what you want into your life. The magic formula, according to the book The Magic, is gratitude.

It’s full of exercises of how you can bring in more abundance, more joy, more money into your life through gratitude.This book is practical, and it really starts to help you shift your perspective about the things goes on in your life by having more gratitude.



1) The Charge

Published in 2012, this book is no longer Brendon Burchard’s newest book, he has a newer book out. I like The Charge because it talks about his own journey about having lost and rediscovered what makes him feel excited and purposeful about life.

It is important that we figure it out for ourselves if we are not already leading purposeful and passionate lives ourselves. I hope you get this book because it will help you start to feel more excited about life and have a more exciting life.


So there you have it – my top ten recommended books from my 2014. Check out the ones I recommend from my 2013 here. You may also like to read this post about the 10 Books That Changed My Life.


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