14 Recommended Books About Qi

Posted On: April 1, 2019

Qi means Energy, and being Chinese, I cannot escape being asked and being expected to know something about Qi. I do and I don’t. Being a Reiki Master, I do know of and feel Qi. Being a sexologist, I do know lots about the play of energy – specially sexual energy. But then there is lots to learn – as always.

Here are some books recommended by people online on good books on Qi. I have to admit here I haven’t read them but putting this list together with the book description for my own reference – as much as for you as well. Do let me know what you think of them, and we can trade notes/ learn together.

1. The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing

Qigong, which literally means “working with the energy of life, ” is an integrated mind-body healing method that has been practiced with remarkable results in China for thousands of years. The Chinese have long treasured qigong for its effectiveness both in healing and in preventing disease, and more recently they have used it in conjunction with modern medicine to cure cancer, immune system disorders, and other life-threatening conditions. Now in this fascinating, comprehensive volume, renowned qigong master and China scholar Kennneth S, Cohen brings the ancient healing power of qigong to Western readers.

The essence of qigong can be understood by comparing the body to a battery: stress and bad health habits act to dissipate the battery’s charge, its “qi, ” while self-care and self-awareness help to maintain and improve qi. Qigong is a gentle yet rigorous program for working with our life energy through breathing and relaxation exercises, massage, visualization, meditation, and other natural methods. Using qigong, each one of us can learn to improve health and enhance vitality by cleansing, gathering, releasing, and circulating qi so that it reaches all the body’s cells. It’s rather like acupuncture without needles–it’s pleasurable to do, it costs nothing, and it’s wonderfully life-enhancing.

2. Pathways of Qi: Exercises and Meditations to Guide You Through Your Body’s Life Energy Channels 

A life of vibrancy, balance, and health is within reach when you embrace the interconnected energetic system of the body and its united meridian flow. Join Chinese Medicine expert Matthew Sweigart as he shows how to use touch therapy, Five Element meditations, and gentle Qigong exercises to clear away blockages and open up all aspects of your being to receive the energetic nourishment you need Pathways of Qi provides hands-on practice based on ancient wisdom to heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Explore the channels of energy in the body known in Chinese Medicine as the twelve regular meridians and for each one, discover the limb position, yin/yang properties, corresponding elements, key functions and characteristics, affirmations, and more. Experience the graceful physical movements that anchor these teachings inside your body, and continue these gentle practices for the expansion of awareness, connection, and wellness in your life.

3. The Secret of the Golden Flower; A Chinese Book of Life

2014 Reprint of 1932 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. “The Secret of the Golden Flower” is a Chinese Taoist book about meditation, first was translated by Richard Wilhelm, a friend of Carl Jung. Jung wrote a forward and an appendix for the book. The meditation technique described in the book is a straightforward, silent method; the book’s description of meditation has been characterized as ‘Zen with details’. The meditation technique, set forth in poetic language, reduces to a formula of sitting, breathing and contemplating. Sitting primarily relates to a straight posture. Breathing is described in detail, primarily in terms of the esoteric physiology of the path of “qi” (also known as “chi” or “ki”), or breath energy. The energy path associated with breathing has been described as similar to an internal wheel vertically aligned with the spine. When breathing is steady, the wheel turns forward, with breath energy rising in back and descending in front. Bad breathing habits (or bad posture, or even bad thoughts) may cause the wheel not to turn, or move backward, inhibiting the circulation of essential breath energy. In contemplation, one watches thoughts as they arise and recede. The title is illustrated with eleven plates and four text illustrations.

4. Five Spirits: The Alchemical Mystery at the Heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Five Spirits are the Taoist map of the human psyche. The system provides a view of the nervous system and forms the basis of Chinese medical psychology. It also describes a precise and efficient technology for spiritual transformation, the process through which a human being rediscovers their essential wholeness and innate connection to the divine.

The Five Spirits themselves can be understood as the Taoist version of the chakra system of Vedic India. Like the chakras, the spirits exist as centers of consciousness in the subtle body rather than as structures in the physical body. Just as each chakra relates to a particular level of consciousness, each spirit relates to a particular aspect of human awareness, a particular vibration or frequency of psychic energy. An understanding of the Five Spirits is the key that opens the doorway to the mysteries of Taoist psycho-spiritual alchemy. By taking advantage of the discoveries of Western archetypal psychology and new discoveries about the mind and nervous system, we can decipher the Five Spirits and reorganize the system in a way that has proven to be clinically invaluable in treating psychosomatic, emotional, and psychospiritual distress.

5. A Brief History of Qi

When faced with translating the character ‘qi’, students of Chinese culture, medicine, martial arts, and a wide range of traditional arts and sciences face one of the most perplexing challenges. There would seem to be no direct way to express the ancient metaphysical concept succinctly in English; in fact, it hasn’t previously been explored intensively.

In their first book, Who Can Ride the Dragon?, the authors posed the question of qi’s meaning and offered a brief, introductory response. Here, they distill many years of research and investigation, allowing readers to discover the vast and ancient roots of this ancient word and providing ample material with which they can form their own understanding.

Scholarly, yet colloquial, it examines qi’s linguistic and literary roots, stretching back through the shadowy mists of Chinese precivilization. It traces the development of the concept of qi through a number of related traditional Chinese disciplines including painting, poetry, calligraphy, dance, medicine, qi gong, and martial arts. Finally, it examines the depth and breadth of qi as manifested in life’s cycles.

6. Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change

Nei Gong has been a well-kept secret within the Daoist sects of China for centuries. Based upon the original teachings of the great sage Laozi, it has only ever been taught to close students of the masters chosen as the heads of the ancient orders.

This book provides a breakdown of the entire Nei Gong process, and explains in plain English the philosophy which underpins Nei Gong practice, and which is based on the original teachings of the ancient Daoist priests. The methodology of Sung breathing, an advanced meditative practice which has until now been reserved for ‘inner-door’ students is described, and the book contains an entire set of Qigong exercises accompanied by instructional photographs and drawings.

This book will be of interest to all practitioners of Qi Gong, martial arts and meditation, and will be a rewarding read for anyone interested in Eastern philosophy.

7. Diagnostics Of Karma

System of the Self-regulating Energy Fields, Book1 Possibly the SECOND most important BOOK of LIFE is presented here: Why is one person healthy, prosperous, and lucky, while another is unfortunate, poor and sick? Why is one spoiled by fate, while another life plays out like a string of misfortunes? What is the secret of health, happiness, and a long life? What can be done if doctors consider a disease to be incurable? How does one give birth to healthy children? And is it possible to change the character of one’s children, their destiny and health, for the better? This BOOK explores these questions as well as many others. S.N. Lazarev, the well-known Russian healer and parapsychologist, has dedicated his life to extensive and detailed research on the subject of the human soul. As result, he has been able not only to see the invisible reactions of cause and effect linking a person’s character, health, and destiny with his perception of the world, but also to create a unique system which unites all of the parameters of human life into one comprehensive picture. This system enables a person to cure ailments of both body and destiny, by learning how to properly care for his own soul. The books of S.N. Lazarev are Bestsellers in Russia, as well as in many counties in eastern and central Europe. More than twelve million copies have been sold in Russia alone. Now finally these books are available in English!

8. Tao & Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation

A discussion of Taoist theories, symbols, methods and the results of meditation from a psychologicalphysiological point of view. Includes the use of meditation to promote a long and healthy life, and outlines the effects of opening up ch’i energy.

This book was originally published in 1972 (in Chinese). For a book of that time, it had a lot of information. It has photographs that show you the correct lotus position, half lotus, and kneeling position (in Japanese this position is called `seiza’). Today, this kind of information is everywhere.

It has rather cryptic information on meditation techniques:

“Concentration of Ch’iao does not always produce ill effects, however, and meditation of the Tan Tein should not be entirely discarded. Although some people may have apprehensions about practicing this technique, Tan Tien does have its special function and it sometimes desirable for one to concentrate on it.”

9. Return to Oneness with Spirit through Pan Gu Shen Gong: Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon Qigong with the Classical Chinese Medicine based EFT Qi-Healer’s Method for Personal Transformation and Healing

Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon Qigong with the Classical Chinese Medicine based EFT Qi-Healer’s Method for Personal Transformation and Healing The third book Return to Oneness with Spirit through Pan Gu Shen Gong elaborates on the use of Pan Gu Shen Gong together with the EFT Qi-healer’s Method to effectively clear and release the emotional debris held in the body, cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen, and strengthen one’s self-awareness through an integrated combination of Toltec wisdom, Qigong, Qi-healing, emotional freedom technique therapy, ear acupuncture, and Chinese tonic herbs. We are sick because we are not aware. Awareness is the key to healing.

The third book Return to Oneness with Spirit through Pan Gu Shen Gong elaborates on the use of Pan Gu Shen Gong together with the EFT Qi-healer’s Method to effectively clear and release the emotional debris held in the body, cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen, and strengthen one’s self-awareness through an integrated combination of Toltec wisdom, Qigong, Qi-healing, emotional freedom technique therapy, ear acupuncture, and Chinese tonic herbs. We are sick because we are not aware. Awareness is the key to healing.

10. The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment

The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment is the absolutely best book for revealing the what, the why, and the how of qigong.
When you know what qigong is, this will help you make the right decision; “is qigong going to be a good choice for me?”
When you know why qigong is so effective, this will help you set realistic goals for your use of qigong in your health or martial arts training.
When you know how qigong should be practiced, this will absolutely help you to attain your health or martial arts goals in an efficient and timely manner.
Qigong training can improve your health, cure illness, and help you overcome the stress of daily living. Qigong is the study of Qi, or vital energy, that circulates in the human body, and it has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years. Qigong is a unique and comprehensive approach to health and longevity, and can be trained by anyone. Get the most from your practice by understanding the principles and foundation of this ancient science.
11. The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi

Developed over millennia in China, qigong (literally, life force mastery, or refinement) is a set of techniques used to increase your vitality, longevity, and sexual potency as well as achieve and maintain optimal health and inner peace. In the groundbreaking The Healing Promise of Qi, Dr. Roger Jahnke, internationally respected doctor of Chinese medicine and author of the bestselling The Healer Within, clearly and simply explains the concepts of qigong in practical terms.

With the help of 125 superbly rendered illustrations, he describes a multitude of simple qigong tools, practices, and techniques for accessing and utilizing the incredible power of qi. Rather than focus on a particular form of qigong, Dr. Jahnke presents concise, easy-to-follow techniques from among the more than 25 traditional and modern forms that he has mastered and taught to thousands of people across the United States and Canada.

12. Qigong In Daily Life: Know Qi, Understand Qi and Use Qi in Your Life
Qigong in Daily Life covers what is Qi, Understanding it, Manifesting it, Using it. This is basically an entry book on Qigong. No colourful photos or illustrations but just words describing qi, how to feel, understand and use it. There is only 1 qigong technique. I had not gone technical and discuss techniques, methods or various forms. The book is on Qi and Qi alone. In the book, I have also explained that we practice various other qigong forms to overcome the qi blockages that Life and its circumstances has given us. I have incorporated into the book, personal classifications of health issues common to all and has describe simple methods on using Qi to assist in healing. It worked for me and also for my students. I hope, if you follow closely the principles in the book, it will help you too and start you on the journey to discover Qi. Qi is always there and always available for use, so do get to know it. Start here with this book. I will be there to guide further, if you are interested and keen to continue on. If interest is generated, I will write in future on Qi Practice Methods.
13. Cultivating Qi: The Root of Energy, Vitality, and Spirit 
How can Qi offer you the means, tools and will to live a life of balance?

Explaining what Qi is, where it comes from, how we use it, and how we can cultivate it in order to achieve wholeness and balance, this much-needed book combines knowledge and practice to explore all aspects of Qi, including its modern, everyday implications. The book not only covers the history of Qi, but also demystifies the vital philosophies and practices surrounding it. Filled with valuable information on how to recognise and cultivate Qi in order to increase your energetic capacity and return to a more efficient physical, emotional, and psychological state, it also illustrates Qi’s central importance in meditation, Taiji, Qigong, and other Internal Arts practices that focus upon its vitality.

The author also offers instruction on a number of methods for opening the energy gates of the body to cultivate Qi.

14. Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong: The Art of Being in the Flow
In this ground-breaking book, Lama Somananda Tantrapa shares the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong in a simple and practical way. Discovering, testing and applying its principles will remarkably enhance your vitality with greater attentiveness, awareness and presence. It will help you transform and enlighten your life by developing a culture of movement that is naturally graceful and harmonious. It will also provide you with profound psychological and spiritual insights into the true nature of health, relationships and other issues that teach you to approach life challenges as learning opportunities rather than problems. By practicing Qi Dao, you will unify your body, mind and spirit, empowering your whole being to live in harmony with the flow of the entire universe.This book can be particularly helpful when used with its companion DVD or as a part of the Qi Dao Home Study Course. If you complete this Course, you will most certainly become:
1) More accepting of and attentive to your life s lessons;
2) More present, as opposed to being stuck in the head;
3) More grounded, rooted and centered;
4) More relaxed, natural and spontaneous;
5) More awake in the dream called your daily life;
6) More in the flow, in the right place and at the right time.

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