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Posted On: May 16, 2015

“Previously, I have signed up for an online workshop known as RGSG. It is a very suitable programme for men who are shy and yet they’d like to seek help on PE. Through the online workshop, I could understand better several methods on delaying ejaculation and my fiancee and I could watch the videos and gain a deeper understanding on how the whole thing works. It was a very supportive programme and we, as a couple, are able to iron out these issues in the comfort of our home.” – Anonymous, received 15 May 2015

“I subscribed to this program cos a good friend of mine recommended it and found it to be really useful. Dr Martha Lee definitely knows her stuff and the exercises given were effective. By practicing the exercises, I was able to experience new sensations in my body and more control, resulting in higher states of arousal, more pleasure and stronger and more powerful ejaculations.”
– Anonymous, April 2015

As a Clinical Sexologist, I have a number of men who come to me for their early ejaculation concerns. Check out more testimonials here.

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