Testimonial – Masturbation Month Video

Posted On: August 16, 2015

“I wanted to thank you for sharing this story, it is very touching, personal and powerful to hear.
I found your site because I have just begun the Sexological Bodywork training, and found your website on the alumni links. I’m Taiwanese-American (born in Taiwan raised in US), but studied and worked in Singapore for a year, and I was thinking that Singapore (and Asia in general) really needs to update their attitudes and understanding toward sex and sexuality!! In my personal relationships there, I was deeply saddened by some of the past sexual experiences women had, along with many conflicting feelings of guilt, shame, fear, even pain, and not understanding how to approach sex and relationships. It’s a topic that’s been on my mind, and I’ve been thinking about how they could have better resources to address these issues.
MM_1of3Anyways, I wish you the best on your company and coaching! It’s inspiring to see someone breaking tradition and working to change these attitudes!” – Jay (Received 15 August 2015)
This was in response to Jay having watched one of the videos I put out relating to masturbation for Masturbation Month. You can read the transcript of the video here. 

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