Testimonial – Masturbation Month

Posted On: November 21, 2015

“I like what you are doing because there is a need for sex education in Singapore. Growing up, the only sex education available is through pornography. Singapore is behind in comparison to our western counterpart when it comes to sex education due to our ‘Asian complex’. I was interested in psychology when I went to the university but it was not offered in the local university at all. One will have to take it in Australia and because I was serving part-time NS I had to serve for 12 years before I could leave the country. If I want to leave earlier, I will have to place non-refundable deposit of about $150K with the government if I wish to study overseas.

I was also interested in sexology which was a taboo subject even now. The sexology magazine which was published in the USA was once sold and available in the ‘mama’ shop way back in the 1960s. I bought every issue of it as that magazine was my sole educational resources in sexology before it was banned. You were fortunate to be born much later and being a woman, you are not bound by NS (National Service).

However, it is better late than never. I am sure there are folks like me too. That is why I am willing to share my testimony.” – Anonymous Male, 63 year old

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