7 Tips From Being On The 5 Show

Posted On: September 28, 2015

12036785_1156523347697172_3828240461089552629_nI manifested a return to The 5 Show! Read my blog post about my first appearance here.

Unlike my first appearance, this show was pre-recorded. Therefore, I felt a lot more relaxed than before. Since I was also more familiar with the producers, crew and hosts behind the scenes, it helped calm my nerves.

The episode was aired on Wed 23 Sept and highlighted unique occupations in Singapore. I appeared alongside Frankie Malachi Yeo (Puppeteer) and Nicholas Foo (Lego Certified Professional).

Watch it here.

What I Learned about being on TV

1) Just say it – We could ask for a list of possible questions (and I do) but there still needs to be some openness and flexibility around what could happen during the interview. There really isn’t too much time to think too much about the perfect answer. Being able to relax, stay present and trust that the intention and essence behind the answer would carry through is key.

2) Look at the hosts – You’re talking to a person. When you talk to or with someone, you would look at them. Ignore the camera. It’s the job of the cameraman to capture you. You’d look more natural and this will allow and invite the audience to look at you.

3) Take your time – During my first live television appearance, I was all worried about taking too long to answer my three predetermined questions until one of the producers gave me a little pep talk. He more or less said this: “It’s their job to manage the show.” It’s the job of the hosts to ask the questions, direct the show, and manage the timing with the help of the producers. I didn’t need to take away their job!

4) Smile lots – Television is all about visuals. I was reminded to smile. Smiling represents ease, communicates comfort with oneself, and helps us be and look relaxed. Also, one smile makes two! Nodding or other similar body language like leaning forward all communicate openness and receptivity.

5) Positive self-talk – When we focus on our fears, anxieties and worries, they actually become bigger. Focusing on your intention and the message you want to communicate gives your mind something to focus on. Positive self-talk helps. For instance, “I can do this.” or “I trust everything will work out for my highest good.”

6) Make friends – Talk to the people around you. Everybody plays a part towards making the show a success from the crew, producers to hosts. Most of them do what they do because they have a passion. They are worthy of respect and lots to share and lots for you to learn from. Rather than be caught up in your own nervousness, look around and make some new friends by chatting.

7) Do your best, let go of the rest – What else is there to do but your best? Be as prepared as you can be, do your best, and just maybe, you’d get invited back again. There is never going to be one perfect, and almost impossible to please everybody. While I could do all the processing about what went well, and what I could have done, at a certain point, I just needed to let go of what happened and not be too hard on myself. I would give myself a pat on the back for doing my best – for trying – and let go of the rest.

What about you? Do you have any tips to share about making a public appearance?


3With the hosts Chua Enlai and Yasminne Cheng

11230799_1161180820564758_3558633666613237502_oThe Big Unveil

Watch the episode here.

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