I am Bleeding!

Posted On: September 14, 2015

My Period… was one week late.

Last month, I decided to track my bodily changes and mood on a day-to-day basis leading to my next period.

It arrived at 1:25p.m. yesterday the moment I sat down with a new client.

I excused myself and true enough… my period is here.

On New Moons

This period is special because it falls on New Moon and this month, it is in Virgo.  

Hungry Ghost Festival is just over.

In case you didn’t know, a new moon is when a new moon arrives. 

A new moon signifies new beginnings. 

 This is a good one to set your new intentions for the month. 

Traditionally, a new moon is when the women would bleed (before we had electricity).

A menstruating woman was considering most powerful, potent as well as psychic (not dirty).

Hence it was her duty to gather with other women, retreat, rest and envision for the village (not “forced” to retire).

They would share their stories, restore their spirits and souls, so they can go back to doing their important work for their tribe.

How many of us know when to rest, retreat and gather with our tribe when we need to?

In Sync with Nature

I’ve been desiring to have my cycle in sync with the moon for a while.

I set the intent. I did moon-bathing (similar to sun-bathing).

I realised my period wasn’t late.

It is here in perfect timing.

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Who is Martha?

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