Passionate Person – Skincare Specialist Shirley Mok

Posted On: June 29, 2016

I interviewed Shirley Mok who runs Annabelle Skin for June 2016.

1) Tell us more about yourself.shirley_mok

Hi, I’m Shirley, the founder of Annabelle Skin. I specialise in providing personalised skincare treatments that are tailored to different age groups and skin types. As I place a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Annabelle Skin’s treatments only use high quality products and advanced techniques from top European brands such as the award-winning Dr Belter Cosmetic (Germany).

After completing my MBA in the University of Sheffield (UK) in 1991, I came to Singapore and, perhaps because I had not yet gotten used to the climate here, experienced breakouts and rashes on my skin.

Consequently, my sister helped enroll me into a skincare course, and through it, I not only learnt how to take better care of my skin but I also developed a nascent interest in the skincare field. After undergoing further training and receiving positive feedback from my earliest clients, I decided to start my journey in skincare and have never looked back.

At present, I am also running a skincare distribution company which carries premium European brands: our sales channel is to professional beauty spa and salons.  My marketing team and I conduct monthly training workshops for beauticians regarding product ingredients and treatment techniques.

 2) Why do you do what you do?

Passion. Because of my own personal experience, I believe that skincare treatments not only resolve skin problems but that they can also bring comfort and boost one’s self confidence. Ultimately, my personal interest in the skincare field and my passion for improving people’s lives is what keeps me going in this line of work.

Interesting. It is indeed an interesting job: to see people’s skin needs (no two persons have the same skin profile) and to find the best way to provide improvements.  It is always very satisfying to see improvements in my clients’ skin condition and to establish their trust in us. They usually refer their friends and family members to us.

Knowledge. Due to advances in bio-technology, there are always new things to learn. It keeps us updated.

3) How do you find time for all that?

It is my full-time job and I am supported by a well-trained team to enable us to provide services to our clients.  We also have weekly in-house training sessions on Monday mornings with no service appointments taken.

4) What are your future plans?

I plan on strengthening my staff’s current skill sets, upgrading our technology and increasing the range of treatments so as to better serve our loyal base of customers.

 5) Any advice for others?

Regarding skincare:

There is no age limit when it comes to skincare. Sometimes, there is a mistaken impression that one is too young or too old to go for treatments. However, skin problems are health problems and hence there are no age barriers when it comes to seeking help.

Regarding career:

Follow your passion. Ultimately, doing something that you personally enjoy will bring you better results and contentment in life.

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Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Shirley Mok. I am doing so in the pure intention to inspire more people.

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