Passionate Person – Executive/Business Communication Coach Ricky Lien

Posted On: August 20, 2016

I interviewed Executive/Business Communication Coach Ricky Lien for Passionate Person for August 2016.

1. Tell us more about yourself.

Ricky Right Knee Up studio
The Man With The Golden Voice

Born in Sitiawan, Malaysia, I travelled with my family to UK and Europe when I was 7 years old. This gave me an international perspective of people at a young age which fascinated me that people were so different in language, customs, looks, dress and mannerisms.

Returning to Malaysia and continuing with my primary and secondary education in Ipoh, Malaysia until the third year in secondary schooling, I went to Sydney, Australia to continue with the rest of secondary school, finally gaining admittance to study Dentistry at the University of Queensland.

In my youth, I had a wild and rebellious streak in my still childish thinking. I embarked on drink, attending great parties, and playing music in a rock band rather than concentrating on my studies.

I got my just desserts with failing in my Dentistry course. Returning home with my tail between my legs to Malaysia, I went to work in Kuala Lumpur as a Marketing Executive.

After 7 years, my family decided to migrate to Australia. I accompanied them and we became Australian citizens several years later.

Some years ago, I decided to re-locate my training/coaching consultancy in Singapore. This way, I could have easy access to a much larger audience in South East Asia including China and Japan rather than travelling from Sydney.

2. Why do you do what you do?

Non-verbal Communication at Work

I love communication. Communication is the one thing that allows us as human beings to connect, relate, understand and get along with each other. It is also such an important factor in influence, sales, marketing, friendship, talking to customers, bosses, peers and networking.

Most people do an average job of communicating with each other. There are so many gaps. We are poor at influencing, construct of the language, persuasion, rhetoric, structure, and often lack the cohesive, coherent and cogency of spoken language.

I love to help others to sharpen and gain their confidence, presence and increase their charisma with others. Communication involves both verbal and non-verbal techniques. Most people are trapped in their very narrow scale of doing what and saying what everyone else does and says.

Yet, to become a potentially great communicator, we only have to learn a number of new techniques, practice them well, and emerge with a new-found sense of freedom and confidence.

3. What are your future plans?

I am planning to produce learning videos on communication and other lifestyle themes and use the internet to market to reach a wider audience.

I would also like to train other coaches to do what I do, and to license them as Associates.

4. Any advice for others?

Staying Trim, Taut & Terrific with Exercise

In a hectic world of work and professions, choose a profession that you really like doing, are good at doing, and at which it is not work, but a real pleasure in fulfillment.

Talent isn’t enough. Hard work, talent and action mixed with a bit of luck will gain you the success you are seeking for.

Cultivate a good business sense. Money is important in business. It’s a good measure of success every month when you can make enough to cover your expenses and to have sufficient money left over to build a firm financial security towards financial independence.

5. What are your immediate plans?

To complete my series of videos that will teach great communication/ presentation skills and market this to a wider audience.

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Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Ricky Lien. I am doing so in the pure intention to inspire more people.

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