The Link Between Body and Mind

Posted On: August 28, 2016

If you follow the news in Singapore, you must have known that PM Lee Hsien Loong took ill speaking at the National Day Rally on Aug 21.

“He eventually came back to a standing ovation, looking good, and ended his speech on an uplifting note on our future as Singaporeans. He’s got real mental strength.”
– DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Read the media report here. On doctor’s advice, he’s resting till Aug 29.

Our PM Lee has had two health scares before – when he was stricken with lymphoma cancer in 1992 and when he had to undergo prostate operation in February last year.

I agree with P. N. Balji’s commentary calling for a rethink of the cabinet’s approach to work here.

“The time has come for the PM and his Cabinet colleagues to rethink their attitude towards work. There is no doubt that the work load of the Cabinet has gone up many notches in the last few years as Singapore is at the cusp of dramatic political, social and economic challenges.

We jumped on the globalisation bandwagon without thinking through the heartache it was causing our fellow citizens.”

These are 7 of my other thoughts reading these media reports:

  1. Should we always follow suit? – If you remember, our late Minister Mentor would speak in different languages for hours during our past National Day Rallies. It was natural that his successor PM Lee would follow suit. Systems and structures should work for people, not the other way.
  2. Is there a difference between desire and doing? The only thing is that we are not made the same. It’s not enough to want to do something, but also be able to do so physically and mentally. What we can do is get the information, gain knowledge and acquire skills to get there. Desire needs to be matched with doing – and the ability to.
  3. What about our work relationship? – I don’t know many people who are truly happy about their work. Long hours at work only makes for a dull Jack and Jill, and an unbalanced life. Part-time and flexi-hour work is not popular in Singapore, but perhaps these are options that can be explored.
  4. What about our body? – The last thing we will think of is when we’re exhausted from work is exercise. Actually light to moderate exercises actually helps calm down our nervous system, and gives more energy (not aggressive exercises like BodyCombat or Kickboxing).
  5. What about our diet? – We are also more likely to do binge eating and resort to junk food because of stress. The link between our mental health and body is definitely there.
  6. What about comparing? – If we are unique individuals, why don’t we allow ourselves to be that – different? How many of you get caught up with fitting in? We need to stop comparing against others, then shaming and torturing ourselves for not living or looking like others in the name of “matching up”.
  7. And, of sex? – When our body-mind is stressed and anxious, our sexual drive and desire would also be affected. On top of that, because we don’t actually receive accurate sexual information and education growing up, many of my clients don’t understand how the lack of sexual training and skills attribute to our sexual problems. If we get a fitness coach to help us achieve our health goals, what about a sexuality and intimacy coach for your personal life? How about me? Wink.

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