Week 41 of 52 LSE – Creating Body Waves

Posted On: October 12, 2014

Welcome to Love, Sex, and Everything in Between! My name is Martha. I am a sexologist and I am playing Queen of the Jungle. So, what’s the message for you this week?

I like to show you some advance exercises that I do every day and I’d like to encourage that you try to do them with me right now.

The first way is Body Wave. What you do is you stick out your head first, followed by your neck, your chest, your stomach, and then you kind of imagine you are sitting. You can then piece it together so it is one smooth move, and this is a body wave. This exercise is very good for your spine. 

Another thing you can do is Snake Arms. Put up your hands, and measure the distance between two arms. Then you try to narrow the gap between, moving your arms in a more fluid way. You practice in front of the mirror, and you allow the rest of your body to follow, but the focus is really on your arms being as fluid as possible. 

The third one that I wanted to show you is Figure Eight. So imagine there’s an eight on the floor and you are trying to trace the figure eight with your hips. What you do is you move your hips, following the shape of eight, and then you move your hip to the other side. Or you can imagine there are some strings out here from the hips. You pull at it and there’s the figure eight.

These three exercises are very, very good in allowing the body to become more fluid and supple. These are advanced techniques and I learned them when I was learning belly dancing. It doesn’t mean men cannot do it, and it’s very, very good for people who sit a lot in their work.

Keep doing these exercises. I want all of you to be supple, to be fit, to be flexible, healthy, strong, and sexy!

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Dr. Martha Tara Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit www.ErosCoaching.com or email info@eroscoaching.com.

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