How I Pleasure Women: A Bisexual Woman’s Unique Perspective

Posted On: March 19, 2024

How I Pleasure Women

There are a lot of content on the internet about sex. How can we love ourselves better? How can we make love better? How can we understand our partner better? For many people who don’t have a vagina, it may be hard to know what to do when you make love.

We are running a one-time virtual sharing session with Chang. Chang who identifies as bisexual will be sharing about what it’s like to be bisexual and have mostly penile pleasure, but also enjoy vaginal ones too. Our hope is that her perspective can make all the difference between monotony and orgasmic bliss for you.

Chang will speak from her own personal experiences and what works and doesn’t in terms of sexual pleasure.

The session will cover:

  • What bisexuality does and don’t mean
  • How to be LGBTQIA+ ally
  • Common mistakes/ misconceptions that heterosexual men have about sex
  • How to better pleasure your partner with a vagina
  • Suggestions for people with penises and vaginas on how to spice up their sex life


S$50.00 How I Pleasure Women: A Bisexual Woman’s Unique Perspective

About Our Presenter

Chang (she/her) began her exploration of her sexuality and femininity through her interest in BDSM in her teenage years. Through the kink community, she was able to learn, make friends with and understand individuals of different sexualities. This curiosity eventually led her to meeting more people who chose to lead life outside the norm of heteronormative relationships. It became apparent to her that there were (and still are) many individuals living their preferred lifestyles hidden just under the radar. She now identifies as a sex-positive, kinky and polyamorous bisexual and is passionate about creating safe and non-judgemental spaces for open conversations around relationships, sex and sexuality.

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