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Posted On: April 3, 2024

Date(s) - 03/04/2024
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Orgasmic Yoga – Embodiment Practices for Life

Welcome to our Orgasmic Yoga workshop! This is not your typical yoga class. The term ‘Orgasmic Yoga’ was invented by Dr Joseph Kramer who created the Sexological Bodywork certification. Instead, it’s an embodiment practice that involves pleasurable, intimate, and transformative elements that individuals, couples, and groups can do while sexually aroused. You don’t need to worry about complicated steps or awkward poses. Instead, you’ll explore your body using pelvic floor squeezes, breath, movement, sound, touch, and intention.

As a trained sexological bodyworker, Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee has been teaching sexual techniques for the past 14 years. She is also author of the book ‘Orgasmic Yoga’ and a trained sexological bodyworker. As a facilitator she has a direct, straight-talking, and witty facilitation style. Prepare for jokes, personal anecdotes, and plenty of fun!

The Orgasmic Yoga practice itself recommends self-pleasuring for extended periods of 30 minutes for 30 days to break habitual masturbation patterns, allow for new body-mind connections (neuropathways) to be developed, and ‘rewire’ the body’ so that new pleasure sensations and expanded ecstatic states are possible.

Dr Martha will demonstrate and guide you to embody the deliberate use of the following elements (pelvic floor squeezes, breath, movement, sound, touch and intention) into your self-pleasure practice. The workshop will end with each participant self-pleasuring on their own mats for 30 minutes and ending with ‘The Big Draw’ culmination exercise.

You will learn how to:

  1. Appreciate your sexual responses
  2. Experience more orgasms
  3. Acquire the skills to last longer
  4. Kickstart your creativity
  5. Love your body and life more deeply
  6. Appreciate your body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom
  7. Feel more alive, look more vibrant, and manifest more

Join us to become more in touch with your body, breath and pleasure!

This workshop is open to all genders and sexual orientations. There will be nudity but you’re welcome to stay clothed to whatever level is right for you. Please do not come with a full stomach. You are encouraged to participate at your own comfort level and can opt out of any exercises if you choose. Our priority is creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.


  • Welcome + introduction
  • Practices involving the use of pelvic floor squeezes, breath, movement, sound, touch and intention
  • 30 minutes of self-pleasuring on your own mats (clothing-optional, self-touch only)
  • Sharing + Q&A

Interactive and Experiential parts:

Almost the entire presentation will be interactive and experiential. This is a clothing-optional workshop – please bring your own sarong /towel, and any preferred lubricant, plastic gloves, and condoms (i.e. some people choose to ejaculate into these). You will only do optional genital self-pleasuring on yourself (staying in your own area), though you will learn some practices you might do at home with a partner. We encourage you to participate in the self-pleasure practice yet you’re welcome to opt out. Nudity is welcome, as is staying dressed.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session:

  1. Increased sexual knowledge, confidence, and performance
  2. Letting go of the sexual shame around nudity and genital touch
  3. Understanding the link between pelvic floor squeezes, breath, movement, sound, touch and intention, and attaining ecstatic states


  1. Comfortable clothes
  2. Towel/ sarong for lying on the floor
  3. Preferred lubricant and plastic gloves (although these will also be provided)
  4. Vibrator for solo pleasure (if you like)
  5. Pillow(s) for back/head support (cushions will be available)
  6. Water bottle

Date: Wed 3 April 2024

Time: 7:00 – 9:30p.m.

Fee: AUD$85.00 (Max 15 pax)

Venue: Collingwood, Melbourne

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Please note that no refund will be issued if you have paid and cannot make it for the workshop. Replacement allowed. Do check out our media policy as well.

About Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Surrounded by friends who were sexually inhibited and struck by dire lack of positive conversations around sex and sexuality in Singapore, Dr. Martha Tara Lee set out to make a positive difference in embarking on her doctorate in human sexuality before launching Eros Coaching in 2009. Today, she remains dedicated to working with individuals and couples who wish to lead self-actualised and pleasure-filled lives.

She also holds certificates in counselling, coaching and sex therapy, and her fourth degree – a Masters in Counselling in May 2018. She is the only certified sexuality educator and certified sexuality educator supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in Singapore. Often cited in the media, Dr. Lee is the appointed Resident Sexologist for Singapore Cancer Society, and and She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women Under 40′ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She has published four books: Love, Sex and Everything In-BetweenOrgasmic YogaFrom Princess to Queen and {Un}Inhibited.

Martha works with individuals and couples in private coaching sessions, and conducts her own workshops. She takes prides in making sure all her workshops are also fun, educational, and sex-positive. This comes easily to her because even though she is extremely dedicated and serious about her work, she fundamentally believes that sex is meant to be fun, wonderful, amazing and sacred. As such, this serious light-heartedness has shone through again and again. For her full profile, click here. Email her here.



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